Tiny Kitten Refuses To Let An Act Of Cruelty Break Her Powerful Spirit

On the evening of October 14, a heroic couple spotted a terrified kitten on the side of a highway in Huntington, WV. They stopped their car and the husband risked his own safety to dash into the road and rescue her.

Based on her injuries and a history of similar incidents in the area, it is believed that the tiny gray kitty was cruelly tossed from a moving vehicle.

The couple immediately took her to  Kanawha Valley Animal Emergency Services for care. Despite her wounds and the shock of the event, the brave little kitty – named Hallie Greer after the exit where she was found – survived the ordeal.

Hallie’s care is being sponsored by the generous cat lovers at Charleston’s Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. They have been documenting her astonishing recovery via their Facebook page.

Just one week after the incident, she was snuggling with rescuers and loudly demanding the attention of anyone passing by her cage. Look at that bossy face!

Those who took the time to visit with the assertive kitty were rewarded with loud purrs and intensely affectionate neck hugs. Hallie seems to realize that she owes her life to her brave rescuers and the folks who have given her shelter and medical care.

This week Hallie was deemed healthy enough to leave the clinic and go home with her new foster parents. They bought her a brand new pink collar complete with a shiny pink bell – perfect for a young diva in training!

Rumor has it she may even have a forever home waiting for her after she is old enough to be spayed.

This brave little sweetie’s story is proof that love ALWAYS wins!

If you would like to make a donation to help the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee continue to rescue cats like Hallie, visit their website.

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