Scientists Explain Why Cats Love To Join Us In The Bathroom

Picture this: Nature calls, so you head to the bathroom to take care of business. Suddenly, a furry paw shoots under the door, rattling it in its frame. The claws extend, searching for something to grab onto. A mournful, gutteral sound pierces your soul from outside in the hall. It is your cat, and he is not pleased to be excluded from the magical secrets taking place on the other side of that door. Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. Cat … Read more

Topless Aussie Firemen Cuddle Cats For Sexy Charity Calendar

What’s cuter than a litter of fluffy rescue kittens? How about a shirtless fireman snuggling a litter of fluffy rescue kittens?! Earlier this year, dozens of heroic hotties gathered to shoot six different versions of the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar. Our favorite? The Cat Calendar, of course! The Australian Firefighters Calendar first came out in 1993 with the proceeds supporting research into childhood burns. After nearly three decades supporting Australian children’s hospital organizations, the creators decided to focus on smaller charities … Read more

Irish Citizen Rescues Sick Athens Street Kitten, Gives Him A New Life In The Emerald Isle

Having grown up in Ireland, a nation known for its kindness to animals, Laoisen Doyle was shocked by the number of cats on the streets of Athens, Greece. While living there last year, one kitten in particular caught her attention. The pitiful creature was hiding beneath a trash can. Skinny, sickly, and covered in parasites, Doyle knew it could not survive without her help. “He wasn’t moving, and his eyes had fused closed,” she told the Irish Post. “He was … Read more

Your iHeartCats Purchases Are Helping This Tiny Kitten Grow Big & Strong

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to GreaterGood, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. Little Samantha was just 3-weeks-old when she was discovered in a wood pile all alone. At such a young age, there is no way she would have survived without the care she received from Michele’s Rescue. All of the animals they take in go to experienced foster homes. Something that is essential for kittens … Read more

NJ Town Displays Dog & Cat Sculptures To Raise Money For Pets In Need

This year marks Boonton, New Jersey’s seventh annual art celebration, Dog Days of Summer & Some Cool Cats. The cute and colorful presentation showcases local artists and features sculptural representations of our favorite furry friends. While some of the proceeds benefit local schools and future arts projects, the majority goes to nearby NorthStar Pet Rescue.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Michelle Mykowski (@michellem701) on Sep 18, 2018 at 12:07pm PDT So far, more than … Read more

8 Ways PrettyLitter Is Crushing The Cat Litter Competition

There’s only one downside to being a cat parent: stinky, dirty litter boxes. In addition to the mess and odor, clay and clumping litters often contain potentially harmful chemicals that have no business near your family. That’s why iHeartCats partnered with PrettyLitter, a revolutionary new product that blows the competition out of the water when it comes to safety, cleanliness, odor-control, and much more! 1. Less Litter Means Less Scooping With PrettyLitter, you use far less product and only have to scoop when there’s … Read more

Food Funded By iHeartCats Purchases Helps Mama Cat Have 6 Healthy Kittens

Princess Diana came to Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan, emaciated and pregnant. It appeared she had been alone on the streets for some time. The rescue was able to fatten her up with high-quality food donated by’s Rescue Bank program before she went into labor.   Diana had a kitten stuck in her birth canal so she needed a C-section, which Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan could have never afforded if they had to pay retail prices for cat food. Diana … Read more

Your iHeartCats Purchases Helped Kittens Orphaned By Hurricane Harvey

Sarayo and Selena were just three weeks old when Hurricane Harvey brought them to Austin Pets Alive! (APA!). Safe and sound from the hurricane and flooding, these adorable siblings cuddled up in APA!’s kitten nursery, no longer scared and alone. The nursery specializes in caring for orphaned kittens, a pet population that typically faces euthanasia in traditional shelters because of the constant care and frequent feeding they need. In Austin, APA!’s kitten nursery provides a vital safety net for these babies, giving them … Read more

Sanctuary Rescues Blind Cats From Euthanasia & Gives Them A Place To Call Home

As a college student working at a veterinary hospital, I met and fell in love with a blind Tabby cat named Mr. Magoo. When I adopted him I was amazed at how shockingly normal he was – just like any sighted cat. The founders of Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in St. Pauls, NC were inspired to open a refuge for these special kitties by their own similar experience. Alana Miller and her daughter met Louie while volunteering at their local … Read more

Attentive Shelter Mama Gives Her Kitten A Very Unique Hairstyle

A stray cat in Newfoundland, Canada is our pick for Mama Cat of the Year, thanks to the adorably diligent care she provided to her one and only kitten. Perm, a lovely long-haired tortie, was picked up as a stray and taken to Exploits Valley SPCA, where she gave birth to a single precious kitten. Perm was such an attentive, doting mom to her new daughter, that the little cutie experienced a strange side effect – a super sassy mohawk! … Read more