Tiny Kitten Fails To Grow, But Succeeds At Stealing Hearts

“Widdle” may seem like an odd name for a cat, but it fits this New Zealand rescue kitty purrfectly! You see, Widdle is 17-weeks-old, but so far has only grown to the size of an average 7-week-old. He arrived at a feline rescue called The Kitten Inn several weeks ago. An experienced foster mom named Jessie took him in along with his ginger sister and four other kittens from two separate litters. A post shared by Jessie (@trashcanjonesfosters) on Dec … Read more

Kitten’s Short Life Serves A Beautiful Purpose – Making His Dad A Cat Lover

Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t love cats. Some prefer dogs, and others simply don’t care much for animals (gasp!). These folks may argue with my theory, but I believe that anyone can be converted into an animal lover. All it takes is the right pet! For one man, that pet turned out to be a very special kitten named Thomas.   Frequent kitten foster mom, Katherine – who goes by the handle, KittensForDays – shared … Read more

Abandoned Black Cat Delights Rescuers When She Births 6 Look-Alike Kittens

A simple act of kindness has made a world of difference for one stray cat – and the 6 little stowaways she happened to be carrying in her belly! Belle was abandoned to survive a cold Canadian winter when her owner moved away. Luckily, a neighbor was kind enough to give her shelter, but soon noticed that the little cat looked a bit…pregnant. Wanting the best for the kitty and her soon-to-be family, the good Samaritan decided to entrust their … Read more

Rome’s Stray Cats Find Sanctuary Within The City’s Historical Landmarks

Rome, Italy is a city steeped in rich history. Tourists from all over the world travel there to witness such important sites as the Theater of Pompey, the place where Julius Caesar was famously murdered. The ancient ruins serve yet another purpose these days. The theater and four nearby temples are part of a city-run stray cat sanctuary known as Torre Argentina. Yesterday I visited the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome. Here are just a few of the 40+ cats … Read more

Tiny Kitten Refuses To Let An Act Of Cruelty Break Her Powerful Spirit

On the evening of October 14, a heroic couple spotted a terrified kitten on the side of a highway in Huntington, WV. They stopped their car and the husband risked his own safety to dash into the road and rescue her. Based on her injuries and a history of similar incidents in the area, it is believed that the tiny gray kitty was cruelly tossed from a moving vehicle. The couple immediately took her to  Kanawha Valley Animal Emergency Services for … Read more

Foster Kitten Is Accidentally Adopted To The Wrong Family

The Heimels of Green Island, New York decided to get involved with animal rescue by volunteering to become a foster family for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS). They took in a tiny black and white kitten named Panda, bonding with him over bottle feedings and watching as he grew strong.   When Panda was old enough, TJ Heimel returned him to MHHS to be neutered so that they could officially adopt him. Heimel informed a staff member of his intentions … Read more

Orphaned Kitten Gets A Second Chance At Having A Family And He’s Never Letting Go

When baby kitten Eli was orphaned at such an early age, he was discovered in dire circumstances: he was the only survivor of his litter, and found amongst his deceased siblings. The tiny tabby was so young, he desperately needed a mother. That’s when a woman named Cindy, a Seattle-based cat foster, stepped in. She was currently caring for a mama cat named Madeline and her newborn litter. Sadly, Madeline had lost the babies in her previous litter, so she loved to dote on … Read more