Woman Adopts Lovable Stray Who Turns Out To Be “8-Cats-In-1”!

Cats have a way of prancing right into your heart and changing your life forever. Rachel – known as EnigmaWearingHeels on Imgur – had no intention of adopting a kitty until a petite ginger and white cutie appeared on her porch with a belly full of kittens. Before she knew it, Rachel was the pawrent of eight-cats-in-one!   Rachel fed the mama-to-be and offered her shelter inside her home. After enjoying her meal, the cat expressed her gratitude by purring and “making … Read more

Man Gives Up Home, Job, & Belongings To Explore Australia With His Cat

In 2014, Rich East realized that he was unhappy with where life had taken him. It wasn’t a bad life: he had a home, a stable corporate job, and a fuzzy black rescue cat named Willow, but the wanderlust in him ached for something different. In what Rich calls “the most well prepared mid life crisis in history,” he decided to trade the life he had built in exchange for a new one. With little hesitation, he gave up his … Read more

Couple’s Cat Accompanies Bride Down The Aisle On Their Wedding Day

Newlyweds Michael and Courtney Jimenez consider their tuxedo cat, Angel, part of the family. So, it’s no wonder that they couldn’t imagine tying the knot without their furry “son” on their wedding day! “We have two babies, Michael Jr. and our cat, Angel,” Michael Jimenez said in a story by Cleveland.com. “We knew we wanted our cat to be a part of our special day, so Courtney’s dad held him while she walked down the aisle.”   Luckily, they had … Read more

13 Clever “Cat-O-Lanterns” To Light Up Your Halloween

Pumpkin carving is a fun, traditional fall festivity, and some cat lovers enjoy mixing this pastime with their love of the feline kind! This Halloween, there’s no better way to announce your affinity for kitties than by lighting up your home with some cleverly-carved cat pumpkins. (If your neighbors didn’t know you were a “cat person” before, they will now!) In need of inspiration? Scroll on! From simple silhouettes to intricate works of art, check out the 13 “cat-o-lanterns” below: … Read more

Woman Spends Entire Paycheck To Rescue A Hopeless Stray Kitten

When Reddit user peaceluvpenny and her boyfriend Brendon heard tiny cries outside their home, she went to investigate. It was a rainy Tuesday evening, and the Redditor ventured outdoors to find out what kind of critter was making the noise. She said in a post: “I called to him and at first all I saw was the tall grass moving as he walked towards me… had no idea what kind of creature was about to emerge.” But when she realized it was … Read more

Stray Kitten With 50/50 Chance Of Survival Proves She’s A Warrior

It seemed like a typical day at work for Imgur user hrtofdixie… until they stumbled upon a pitiful little kitten outside the office! As it turned out, two lives were about to change. In a post, the new pet parent recounted the fateful day that little Finley was found. When they first met, the poor baby was in rough shape.   The poster wrote, “Poor Nugget’s eyes were nearly crusted shut. She was skin and bones and covered in tiny … Read more

Pence Family Gives Beloved Cat A Final Farewell

No matter who you are or what you do, the loss of a pet is devastating. Vice President Mike Pence and family had to say goodbye to their beloved cat Oreo this weekend after 13 wonderful years of companionship. Wife Karen Pence tweeted on Sunday: “Rest in peace Oreo. You touched a lot of hearts in your little life. Our family will miss you very much.” While dogs are often associated with US presidents and staff, the Pences have brought … Read more

Cat Who’s Re-Homed 5 Times For Being “Demanding” Only Wants Love

When Imgur user ncarbell adopted a fluffy tuxedo kitty, the poor thing had already dealt with more rejection than any pet should. “Meet James Bean,” the poster wrote. “…thought I’d share the odyssey of my rescue cat, adopted from San Francisco Animal Control. He’d been returned no fewer than 5 times because he was ‘too demanding.’” But what some may consider “high maintenance” was really the kitty’s yearning for affection. And finally, he was paired with someone who gave him that love … Read more

9 Reasons Why Life Is Better With Cats

Cat lovers don’t need to know the reasons why life is better with cats (it just is!), but it’s still fun to think about some of the things we enjoy most about living with them. While we can all agree that having a feline friend makes every day brighter, the reasons why may differ… and that’s okay! Below are 9 of our favorites – is yours on the list? If not, share what you appreciate most about your cat in the comments below! 1. Our cats … Read more

Ex Says She’ll Come Back If He Gets Rid Of The Cat, So He Says Goodbye…

When Imgur user voiceafx got a call from his ex girlfriend saying she wanted to get back together, he knew he had a big decision to make. “A former girlfriend and I still have feelings for each-other, but we split because of religious differences,” he wrote in the post.   Then, she said something that made everything crystal clear. “[She] said that if we got back together, I’d have to get rid of my cat,” he wrote.   The man decided that given … Read more