Woman Spends Entire Paycheck To Rescue A Hopeless Stray Kitten

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on August 22, 2017

When Reddit user peaceluvpenny and her boyfriend Brendon heard tiny cries outside their home, she went to investigate.

It was a rainy Tuesday evening, and the Redditor ventured outdoors to find out what kind of critter was making the noise.

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur

She said in a post:

“I called to him and at first all I saw was the tall grass moving as he walked towards me… had no idea what kind of creature was about to emerge.”

But when she realized it was a tiny, shivering black and white kitten, she didn’t hesitate to take him into her arms.

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur

“I scooped him up immediately and put him on my skin because he was so cold. No mom cat anywhere,” she explained.

So she took the baby inside, and as soon as Brendon laid eyes on the kitty, it was love at first sight.

“I need this animal,” he said, and his girlfriend shared on Reddit, “[the kitten] certainly seemed to need us!”

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur


But the kitten’s future was uncertain. He was trembling, freezing, and malnourished. After taking him to the emergency vet, they learned that he was hypoglycemic, and barely hanging on to his tiny life. The vet suggested that they “just put him down”… but the couple refused.

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur

Instead they sought treatment, and after three expensive days in the emergency animal hospital, the sickly baby miraculously began to recover!

“Gave my whole paycheck to the animal hospital to save his guy. Worth it,” the rescuer wrote.

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur

Despite offers from fellow Redditors to help fund the medical bills, the couple refused help, suggesting that those who’d like to donate should support an animal rescue or charity instead.

With the book Tuesdays with Morrie in mind, they named their new feline Morrie. After all, he was found on a Tuesday, “and he seemed wise and needed a wise-sounding name.”

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur

Now, Morrie is in the care of his loving parents, and they couldn’t be happier to give him a forever home.

“The vets really didn’t think he would make it! He is our little miracle and what my boyfriend and I are calling the start of our family,” the poster wrote.

Image Source: peaceluvpenny via Imgur

She also said that she and Brendon plan on spending their lives together, adding that they consider Morrie their “first child”!

We’re so glad that this wonderful couple didn’t give up on the tiny stray kitten who stole their hearts. We wish this adorable family the best of luck now and in the future!

(h/t: peaceluvpenny via Reddit )