Our Top 10 Grooming Supplies Picks

One of the reasons we love cats is that they tend to keep themselves tidy and require somewhat less grooming than our canine friends. No cat can keep themselves completely clean and healthy without a little help from us though, so it’s important to know which grooming supplies are the best. With links to each product, here are our top 10 picks for kitty grooming supplies.

#1 – Shampoo (wet or dry) or wipes

If you have an indoor cat who grooms themselves well, they rarely need an actual bath. Sometimes though, they may get a little greasy or covered in dander, or they may get into something gross. Maybe they’re even a little too chunky to properly clean their backsides. Regardless, sometimes it’s necessary to give your cat anything from a minor touch up to a full bath.

-For minor touch ups, we recommend Project Paws™ Aloe & Oatmeal Grooming Wipes. Great for reducing the amount of dander on your cat, cleaning up their eye boogers, or helping them out with any dingleberries that may get stuck after a trip to the litter box, these wipes are a great addition to your grooming arsenal.

-If your cat needs more than what a wipe can do, a dry shampoo might be just what you need. We like Vet’s Best No-Rinse Clean Waterless Cat Shampoo. This waterless shampoo helps moisturize your cat’s skin and coat and can help relieve itching.

-On those occasions when it is necessary to give your cat an actual bath, we recommend Project Paws™ Deodorizing Shampoo. This gentle shampoo cleans and deodorizes your cat with a non-drying hypoallergenic formulation. On top of these great benefits, a shelter dog gets a bath for every purchase of this shampoo!

#2 – Slicker brush

Cats with any coat type can benefit from a slicker brush. You’ll want to find a gentle one designed for cats that won’t scratch their delicate skin. We recommend Four Paws Magic Coat Gentle Slicker Wire Brush for Cats. It’ll help remove your cat’s loose undercoat and help prevent and remove tangles. For long-haired cats, you’ll want to make sure you’re brushing underneath their hair and not just the top.

#3 – Metal comb

While a brush is great for keeping your cat free of mats and tangles, a metal comb will help find the tangles that get missed by the brush. It can also help remove undercoat that’s closer to the skin and may get passed over by the slicker brush. A sturdy metal comb like this one will help reduce shedding and remove tangles before they become too severe.

#4 – Furminator

For cats that really shed, sometimes even a brush and a comb aren’t enough. The Furminator is great for removing a maximum amount of undercoat for up to 90% less shedding. You’ll want to be careful with this product, though – overuse can cause bald spots on your cat and break or pull out healthy hair. While it can be used on long-haired cats, it works best on cats with shorter hair.

#5 – Grooming glove 

What if your short-haired cat hates to be brushed, but they’re shedding all over the house? The Touch Pet Grooming & Massaging Glove is the perfect tool to help remove loose hair while petting your cat. They’re more relaxed feeling like they’re being petted, so you can help them remove excess fur without them freaking out and running away.

#6 – Mat remover

Sometimes, the other tools will find mats and tangles but won’t be able to get them out. Mat breakers help pull tangled clumps of hair apart before it becomes necessary to cut the mat out with scissors or clippers. Be extra careful when using these tools, as cats have very delicate skin that can easily be cut. We like this one from the Furminator brand.

#7 – Toothbrush and toothpaste or tooth wipes

You may think your cat is cleaning her teeth every time she eats, but that’s just not true. Do your teeth feel clean immediately after a meal? Probably not. If they will tolerate it, a toothbrush with toothpaste that’s designed for cats should be used every day to help prevent tartar, plaque buildup, and gingivitis. If they won’t tolerate a toothbrush, they might do better with a tooth wipe.

#8 – Nail clippers

It’s incredibly important to keep your cat’s nails trimmed. Overgrown nails can cause many health problems in your cat, and they can be bad on your furniture or skin as well. Use nail clippers designed for use on cats for the best results. Human nail clippers can split a cat’s nails, and overly large nail clippers designed for large dogs are more likely to result in your cat’s nails being cut too short. Make sure to only trim the white or clear part of the nail and avoid the pink part.

#9 – Ear cleaner 

Yes, cat’s develop earwax too, and they can get ear infections nearly as easily as a dog. While a grooming wipe can help keep the ears clean, sometimes it’s best to get in there with an ear cleaner designed for cats. Project Paws™ Ear Cleaner for Dogs & Cats can help remove dirt and earwax and help prevent ear infections. Also, each purchase feeds 7 shelter cats!

#10 – Treats 

You don’t want your cat to hate the grooming process, so it’s always a good idea to reward your cat with a treat after any grooming session. If you use their favorite treat after any sort of grooming, they’ll soon associate the yummy treat with grooming, even if they hate the grooming itself. We recommend Single Ingredient Grain & Gluten Free Freeze Dried Ahi Tuna Cat Treats for a quick, mess-free way to give your cat the real meat she craves.

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