Touch Pet Grooming & Massaging Glove


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Get rid of unwanted fur while petting your cat!

This glove features a breathable, soft cotton mesh with a rubber grooming panel on the front for easy fur removal. An adjustable Velcro wrist makes it one size fits most.

  • The 180 silicone grooming tips mimic the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage
  • Compared to a regular metal grooming brush, our Gentle Touch Glove allows you to feel your pet’s body, noticing any possible lumps or bumps that might be a cause for concern
  • Firm enough to remove unwanted hair, but soft enough to not cause discomfort to your pet
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Hair sticks to the glove, simply peel off fur and discard!

One right-handed glove or One left-handed glove.

This product feeds 10 shelter cats! Learn More
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Verified Customer Reviews


Doesn't work as well on American short hairs and the dark color worries my cat. He'll get used to it By: Trinh


Great product. The hair comes off much easier if you wait until the glove is full. By: Jill


The glove works great. I cannot believe how much hair my cats have. By: Jill


My girls weren't too sure of it at first but now they come running when they see me put it on. By: Sandi


No comment entered by customer. By: ann


This was a gift By: Regina


No comment entered by customer. By: Steven


Easy To use, although fur is hard To take off sometimes. By: Marie-Christine


My cats love it! They get groomed and a massage at the same time! ?? By: Dalyla


Works great! By: Barbara


These work really well. By: Barbara


Works well By: Heather


It does work, just isn't that easy to clean the hair off of sometimes. By: michelle


Works beautifully. I have a hard time brushing my kitties but they love me to pat them and with this I can even get their bellies By: Jeanne


Works great. They think I'm petting them. By: Geri

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