Ex Says She’ll Come Back If He Gets Rid Of The Cat, So He Says Goodbye…

When Imgur user voiceafx got a call from his ex girlfriend saying she wanted to get back together, he knew he had a big decision to make.

“A former girlfriend and I still have feelings for each-other, but we split because of religious differences,” he wrote in the post.

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur


Then, she said something that made everything crystal clear. “[She] said that if we got back together, I’d have to get rid of my cat,” he wrote.

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur


The man decided that given the choice between his ex and his cat, his fluffy kitty Hobbes took priority. “I’m 33 years-old, and Hobbes is the closest thing I have to a kid,” he said.

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur


“I love my kitty cat, and I’m never ‘getting rid’ of him. I now have no desire to get back with my ex. End of story,” he concluded the post, which was titled, “Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.”

Image Source: voiceafx via Imgur


At least she made the decision easier for him!

Cat lovers know that relationships can come and go, but the bond between a human and their cat is forever! Good choice, voiceafx – we’d say you made the right one!

(h/t: voiceafx via Imgur)

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