This Kitten REALLY Gets Into His Dinner – Literally!

Our cats amuse, surprise, and sometimes even gross us out with their funny little quirks. Every cat has them, and what makes them unique is often what makes us love them so much! This kitten’s quirk? He’s into food. Like, really into food! He takes his bed in breakfast. He can combine lunchtime and naptime. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to eat his food or swim in it – so he’s doing both!   This food is seasoned with … Read more

Woman Adopts Lovable Stray Who Turns Out To Be “8-Cats-In-1” !

Cats have a way of prancing right into your heart and changing your life forever. Rachel – known as EnigmaWearingHeels on Imgur – had no intention of adopting a kitty until a petite ginger and white cutie appeared on her porch with a belly full of kittens. Before she knew it, Rachel was the pawrent of eight-cats-in-one!   Rachel fed the mama-to-be and offered her shelter inside her home. After enjoying her meal, the cat expressed her gratitude by purring and “making … Read more

They Rescued A Stray Kitten To Find Him A Home… But Their Cat Decided He Had To Stay!

Everyone who lives with a cat knows that they’re the ones who make all the rules! This was the case for Reddit user todontblink, whose opinionated ginger tabby decided that the new stray kitten they were taking care of had already found his forever home. Todontblink explained in a post that they found the black and white kitty on a country road. Cars were dodging him, but no one else decided to stop and save him. So, the poster pulled over and … Read more

Sleepy Kitten Gets Tucked Into Bed, Asks For More Head Scratches

There is just something so innocent and pure about babies, and that includes our itty-bitty furry friends! They seem to have unstoppable energy and eagerness, and everything is new and exciting for them. Of course, all that discovery and exploring can be tiring, and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing these little ones snuggling up for a nap! The ginger kitten in this video below is indescribably adorable as his human tucks him into a tiny fleece bed. But perhaps the … Read more

Ginger Foster Kitten Can’t Get Enough Of His Snuggly Stuffed Donuts

Love donuts? Love kittens? You’re in the right place. Stanley is a ginger kitten we was fostered by a cat lover named Sheila in Portland, Oregon. Soon after he was born, Sheila realized that the furry baby had an affinity for all things donut! After presenting him with his first small donut bed, Stanley snuggled his tiny body in it and never wanted to leave. Even after he outgrew it, the kitten wouldn’t stray far from his donut pal… so … Read more

Motorcyclist Risks Life To Save Kitten On Highway

On a busy highway in Hong Kong, a motorcyclist became a hero when he stopped traffic to rescue a helpless kitten in need. Kwok Kin Wai was driving along when he saw a “lump” in the middle of a lane. Tires were just barely dodging it, and soon Wai realized that this wasn’t debris – it was a little ginger kitten! The baby couldn’t move quickly enough to get out of harm’s way on her own, and it seemed that she was … Read more

Wobbly Ginger Kitten Doesn’t Realize He’s Different

One of the things that amazes us the most about animals is their ability to adapt. Whether they’re born with special needs or acquire them during their lifetime, pets with disabilities don’t seem to notice that they’re different – and they love us just the same! Quaffle is one of those inspiring animals. He was at the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Los Angeles, where they discovered that he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH. This makes him wobbly on his feet. … Read more

Rehomed Kitten Brings Joy To Sad, Lonely Grandfather

When photographer Akiko DuPont of Tokyo, Japan brought an unwanted ginger kitten home, she had no idea how much he’d change the life of her grandfather, Jiji. Akiko tells iHeartCats that she saved the kitten from a friend who no longer wanted him. Since she didn’t ask her family for permission to take him home, she hid the kitty, named Kinako, in her room for a month! “Hey There”   But one day, Jiji wandered into her room – and everything changed… … Read more

Woman Asks Shelter For “Their Least Adoptable Cat,” Gives Skittish Senior A Forever Home

After a series of disheartening events, a 22-year-old woman named Madeleine decided it was time to adopt a feline friend for comfort and company. In a post on Imgur, her proud big sister writes about her decision to take a new companion home. She says of her younger sis, “…in the last two years, she lost two friends and our dad. She also went through a rough relationship patch and retired from her professional ballet career.”   Madeleine took a trip to the animal … Read more

Formerly Feral Mama-To-Be Has Viewers Waiting For Her Bundles Of Joy

If you’re tired of waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth, but you’re excited to see spring animal babies, you’re in luck. Evolene is a formerly feral cat in the care of the Tiny Kittens rescue. The rescued ginger tabby is very cute – and very pregnant. And fortunately for us, the shelter will be live streaming her birth. On a Facebook post, Tiny Kittens explains: Evolene was pregnant when we rescued her from a feral cat colony. She was very … Read more