Motorcyclist Risks Life To Save Kitten On Highway

On a busy highway in Hong Kong, a motorcyclist became a hero when he stopped traffic to rescue a helpless kitten in need.

Kwok Kin Wai was driving along when he saw a “lump” in the middle of a lane. Tires were just barely dodging it, and soon Wai realized that this wasn’t debris – it was a little ginger kitten!

The baby couldn’t move quickly enough to get out of harm’s way on her own, and it seemed that she was destined for doom…until Wai pulled over in the street and ventured into traffic, risking his own life to save the kitten.

Luckily, the fellow drivers seemed willing to cooperate by slowing down and driving carefully around him. The heroic deed was captured on someone’s dash camera, and the video has since gone viral!

Watch the footage below:

Shanghaiist reports that Wai is a local firefighter who hesitated when he first saw the “lump” in the road. But once he realized that it was a kitten in danger, “his conscious soon caught up with him” and he put himself in harm’s way to help.

But Wai did more than bring the ginger tabby to safety. After she was rescued, he posted photos on Facebook to help her find her a loving forever home.

His post got over 40,000 reactions and 5,000 shares to date! And the best part is, only an hour into his search, Wai found the purrfect forever home for this sweet little kitty.

We just love this story’s happy ending! Thanks to Wai for saves lives of all kinds, big and small. Perhaps this gorgeous orange baby should be named “Spark” in honor of the firefighting man who rescued her!

(h/t: Shanghaiist)

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