Cat’s Curiosity Gets The Best Of Him In A Hilarious Way

We know that cats love shimmying their way into tight spaces, and while they’re usually very good at it, sometimes they just can’t fit! The ginger tabby in the video below is named Gabriel, and he learned first hand that he can’t squeeze into everything! According to Daily Mail, the kitten was socializing at his human’s birthday party and playing with the guests. When someone put a catnip toy in a narrow gift bag for him to fish out, the curious cat decided to dive in head first! Watch … Read more

15 Clever Names For Your Ginger Cat

When you bring a new cat home, choosing a name can be a big decision! You may have just adopted a kitten, or maybe you rescued a cat and would like to give it a new name for its new start in life. Either way, you want to pick a name that’s fitting, clever, and most of all, original. If you’ve been searching for inspiration, look no further: here are 15 uncommon names for your ginger cat. Do you already have an orange-haired cutie … Read more

Watch This Tiny Ginger Kitten Try To Catch His Shadow

The playfulness and curiosity of kittens is absolutely irresistiblec. It’s fun to watch as they big to explore the big, exciting world and try to figure things out! This ginger kitten looks like he’s getting his first lesson on his own shadow. As he tries to pounce on it, he realizes that his efforts are futile – but it’s so cute to watch! Watch what this kitten does when he sees his shadow: Isn’t that adorable? He’ll figure it out … Read more

Brave Cat Guards His Family From An Intruder

When people think of “guarding” animals, dogs usually come to mind. But this brave house cat proves that felines can turn ferocious when it comes to protecting their families! When Waffle saw a bobcat approach the glass door of his Telluride, Colorado home, he made sure to show the intruder that he meant business. Hissing and scratching (while safely behind the door, of course!), the ginger guardian wanted the big cat to know that he was not welcome in the house! “If it … Read more

No One Wanted This Special Kitten, But He Finds The Purrfect Home

Here at iHeartCats, we believe that all cats are beautiful, and if you’re a fan of our page, we bet you feel the same way! While we cat lovers would never deem a kitt un-adoptable, this disfigured ginger kitten in Spain was passed up by many potential adopters because of his looks. But the ginger tabby, who’s name is Romeo, finally got his chance at a happy life when the Santuario Compasión Animal (translation: Compassion Animal Sanctuary) took him under their wing. In him, they … Read more

Loyal Ginger Cat Sees His Kid Off To School Every Day

You’ve seen stories, even movie scenes, of dogs waiting for their little humans when they get on and off the school bus. But check out this adorably loyal kitty that waits with his kid to catch his morning ride! Redditor Insta1234 dubs the pair “Calvin and Hobbes,” although the ginger kitty’s real name is Fish, a name chosen by the boy. “Our cat waits outside every morning to be with my son when he waits for the bus,” the poster captioned this adorable … Read more

These University Students Love Hanging Out With The Resident “Campus Cat”

The University of Augsburg in Germany has  a special fixture that most campuses don’t: its resident ginger feline, known as “Campus Cat”! The kitty, who has a loving home nearby, simply can’t get enough cuddles from enough people and frequents this college campus. According to Love Meow, she’s been visiting students since she was a year old, and although several years have passed, she keeps coming back for more! Students have come to seek snuggles from the kitty when they are stressed out, especially … Read more

Cat Interrupts Angels Baseball Game, Gets Scooped Up By Caring Fan

During the fourth inning at a St. Louis Cardinals–Los Angeles Angels baseball game on Thursday, a feline sprinted across the field, causing a brief delay. This ginger kitty certainly isn’t the first animal to find itself in the middle of a giant sports game. However, it’s usually other animals, like squirrels and birds, according to the Fox Sports game commentators. We’ve even heard stories of stray dogs who have wandered onto sports fields. (You may recall earlier this year when a dog interrupted a Brazilian soccer … Read more

This Ginger Cat Is A Muse For His Owner’s Whimsical Photography

Kristina Makeeva, a photographer based in Moscow, Russia, takes mystical and hauntingly beautiful photos of people, nature, and animals. But of course, some of our favorites include a dashingly handsome ginger cat as her subject. The kitty named Kotleta, which translates to “Cutlet,” has a charisma that emulates in these pictures. “Kotleta has this ‘world conqueror’ look since he was born, so we also call him ‘Catriarch,’” Makeeva told Bored Panda. “All my work is an illustration of my inner world, which … Read more

Resourceful Kitten Hitches Rides On His Farm Animal Friends

Like many felines, ginger cat Teton rules the roost–and in this case, the whole farm! Living on Snowfall Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado since he was 3 months old, Teton was originally brought to the farm in the winter of 2014 to catch mice. However, this kitty has become friends with all the other barnyard animals, and calls the shots when it comes to creative transportation!   Teton doesn’t seem to realize he is by far the tiniest of his friends, and spends … Read more