Formerly Feral Mama-To-Be Has Viewers Waiting For Her Bundles Of Joy

If you’re tired of waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth, but you’re excited to see spring animal babies, you’re in luck.

Evolene is a formerly feral cat in the care of the Tiny Kittens rescue. The rescued ginger tabby is very cute – and very pregnant. And fortunately for us, the shelter will be live streaming her birth.

On a Facebook post, Tiny Kittens explains:

Evolene was pregnant when we rescued her from a feral cat colony. She was very malnourished and needs dental surgery, which she will get during her spay (once she is healthy enough for surgery).

Although she is still malnourished, the soon-to-be mama’s rescuers are giving her as much nutrition as possible and providing her with watchful 24/7 care.

We will broadcast her giving birth for the last time on our livestream to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering, and to provide parents an alternative way to let their kids witness “the miracle of birth”.

Go to to tune in – she’s due any time now!

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