Starving Older Cat “Grows Younger” As Forever Parents Nurse Him Back To Health!

Last October in a park in the Bronx, New York, a rail-thin ginger tabby was found, nearly starved to death. He was taken to a shelter, but because of his condition, was put on the kill list. When a woman named Hannah got an alert about a cat about to be euthanized at a nearby shelter, she called them immediately to halt the process. She and her boyfriend Danny had been wanting to adopt an older cat. When they saw the … Read more

Blind Cat Rescued From “Kill List” Lives A Dream Life With His Smitten Parents

Mr. Magoo is a blind rescue kitty, but he doesn’t seem to realize he’s any different! This former stray was born with a condition called microphthalmia in which his eyes were not fully developed, so he has never known what it’s like to have sight. However, life as a stray is very difficult for a cat who can’t see, but he managed to survive while living on the streets of Philadelphia for two years.   A photo posted by Mr Magoo Who? (@mrmagoowho) on Jun 1, … Read more

Two Ginger Tabby Kittens Were Once Abandoned…Now They’re Living A Life Of Bliss

When Moscow-dweller Anya Yukhtina stumbled upon two orange kittens that had been abandoned in a garden, she decided to take them in and care for them, herself. Only a few days old, the brothers had to be fed every four hours and kept snuggly in blankets. A photo posted by Anya Yukhtina (@anyagrapes) on Jun 23, 2015 at 9:44am PDT Now older and healthy, it looks like the lucky gingers have found themselves in kitty heaven! A photo posted by … Read more