Rescue Kittens Grow Up Together But Never Outgrow Their Favorite Bed

Siblings from Japan, Amelie and Canele, are inseparable best friends. They live with a loving family, but life wasn’t always as comfortable as it is today. They were rescued from an uncertain fate when they were two months old, and they’ve clung to each other through it all.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Rie (@riepoyonn) on Apr 29, 2017 at 4:49am PDT It didn’t take long for Amelie and Canele’s rescuers to realize their … Read more

This May Become The First US City Outside California To Ban Cat Declawing

Denver just took another step closer to being the first American city outside of California to ban declawing of cats. At a Denver City Council committee hearing Wednesday morning, a proposal to ban declawing procedures, except in cases of “medical necessity,” was passed unanimously. The full city council will probably introduce the proposed ban on November 6 and could cast a final vote as soon as November 13. The declawing procedure is technically an amputation, as the cat loses all … Read more

Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Can Tell You What They’re Thinking

Cats are as mysterious as they are adorable, and since they don’t speak our language, it isn’t always easy to tell what they’re thinking or how they feel. You’ll have to pay close attention to your kitty’s actions (or lack thereof) if you want honest insight into what it’s like to be a cat, and observing them while they’re asleep is a good way to start. A cat’s sleeping position says a lot more about them than how tired they … Read more

How to Keep Your Kitty Happy Indoors

You know the dangers of letting your cat outside (like cars and predators – whether animal or human), but do you worry that an indoor cat can never truly be happy? Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your cat happy and healthy living life indoors. Here are 7 Humane Society-approved tips for keeping your kitty happy indoors. #1 – Start young Kittens who start their life in an indoor lap of luxury are usually quite content … Read more

Why Does My Cat Get “The Zoomies” After Pooping?

Have you ever wondered why your cat turns into an Olympic sprinter after using the litter box? You’re not alone. Many cats get “the zoomies” after pooping, and while scientists have many theories, there is no hard science yet as to what makes cats feel the need to run after making a deposit in the litter box. Here are some of the leading theories behind this crazy behavior. #1 – It’s a survival instinct It’s thought that cats in the wild … Read more

Adventurous Man Trains Kitten To Be The Purrfect Outdoor Companion

JJ Yosh, an adventure filmmaker, travel vlogger, and social media influencer, adopted Simon from a neighbor when he was still a kitten and immediately started training him to join him on his adventures. Now, they travel together hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, and just about any other outdoor activity you can think of. Yosh told PEOPLE:  “I started training Simon from the day I got him. He was a couple weeks old when I first got him. He was born in … Read more

5 Of The Best American Cities For Cat Lovers

The best part about having cats versus dogs is that they don’t need to go outside. Therefore, the climate doesn’t need to affect where cat lovers choose to live. With that being said, there are certain places in the country that are more popular for those who love cats. Realtor recently compiled a bunch of data to see which cities are more popular for cat lovers. They found that cats are more popular in areas with colder winters and places where people … Read more

5 Subtle Signs That Your Cat Is Secretly In Pain

Cat owners know that their kitties are masters at hiding discomfort. So, how do we know when something is amiss and a trip to the vet is needed? In order to get more insight, we spoke with Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, CTCVMP. Also known as “The Caring Vet,” he offers traditional, holistic, integrative medical, surgical, and wellness care to his patients. In the words of Dr. Selmer: “When your dog is sick, he’ll typically make it obvious that something is wrong, but your … Read more

5 Ways Cats Are Great For Your Mental Health

While dogs may be called “man’s best friend,” it turns out that cats are also worthy companions. Not only are they as good as dogs at helping people with mental illness, in many cases, they’re actually a better choice at assisting those with anxiety, poor social skills, communication issues, and other struggles related to mental illnesses. While dogs will handle just about anything you throw at them, cats tend to be less tolerant, making them a better therapy tool for … Read more

Shelter Cat Insists On Being Adopted With Her Favorite Blanket

In April, Poppy was an emaciated, sick stray cat brought to RSPCA Stapely Grange in Nantwich, Cheshire in the UK. Six months later, her health has improved, but she’s still looking for the purrfect home with her new best friend – a Peppa Pig blanket she loves to hide under. Poppy has a special affinity for this blanket in particular, and since no other blanket seems to make her feel as safe and secure, it will go with her to … Read more