After Tragedy, Woman Warns Cat Owners About Toxic Plants This Holiday Season

Samara Sodos spoiled her 12-year-old cat Lucy so much that they were featured in a Tampa Bay magazine spread about pampered pets. Unfortunately, 12 years of love given to the kitten she rescued weren’t enough to save Lucy from the hidden danger of a few lilies in a bouquet of flowers Samara’s sister had sent for her birthday the previous week. Now Samara wants to spread the word about the hidden dangers of houseplants and flowers that are commonly found in … Read more

12 Cats Abandoned Overnight In A Dog Crate Finally Have Hope

On Tuesday, Sullivan County Humane Society of NH shared on Facebook the tragic story of 14 cats who were abandoned for more than 24 hours in a single medium-sized dog crate in temperatures as low as 17.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Sadly, 2 of the cats didn’t survive, and the remaining 12 are all battling upper respiratory infections along with other health issues. All will need to be spayed and neutered before they can be adopted out, and 3 need dental work done. Fortunately, … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Lounging In The “Bread Loaf” Position?

No matter what you call it (“loafing” comes to mind), cats sitting with their paws tucked under them, resembling loaves of bread, is an overload of cuteness. Unlike many cat behaviors, science actually has an explanation for this adorable behavior. Mikel Delgado, cat researcher and postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, talked to Inverse Science about some of the reasons cats enjoy loafing. “Generally speaking, a cat who is lying with their paws tucked underneath them is considered … Read more

Growing Up With A Cat May Help Prevent Asthma In Children

Great news for cat-loving parents! A Danish study of nearly 400 toddlers showed that those who were growing up with a cat in the house were significantly less likely to suffer from asthma than children who did not live with a cat – including those who live with dogs. Researchers think this is due to a genetic variation in the TT gene that gets switched off in the presence of cats. This variation of the TT gene (when not switched … Read more

Why You Should Never Trim Your Cat’s Whiskers

Have you ever seen a shaved cat and wondered why its whiskers were left long? Have you ever thought about trimming your cat’s whiskers, either because you think it will help her look better or because you think they might be getting in her way? Whiskers aren’t just accessories – they actually provide vital information to your cat and act as an additional sensory system. And they don’t only sprout from your kitty’s snout. Whiskers (called vibrissae) also grow above their … Read more

This Two-Faced Cat Is Just As Special As She Looks

It doesn’t take more than a glance to recognize this cat’s unique beauty, but what makes Quimera truly special is more than fur deep. Many people believe this house cat is an actual chimera—a single living organism with the genetic makeup of two separate organisms. Basically, they think she’s her own fraternal twin. View this post on Instagram Cuando no parás de mandarte cagadas #quimera #Chimera #Cat #kittyboss #meow #gattina #cats #catsofinstagram #catsagram #gato #gatos #kitty #kitten #kitties #catlover #catlady … Read more

Florida’s “Cat Cop” Fosters Kittens She Finds While On Patrol

Gretchen Byrne is a patrol cop for the Coral Springs Police Department in Florida. Two years ago, a pregnant stray cat approached her in a shopping center parking lot. Byrne decided to take her to the police station until the end of her shift, and then home. Since then, Byrne has fostered about 65 cats and kittens that she has found in the alleys of her patrol route. After posting about that first cat on her Instagram account, people started contacting … Read more

Special Kitty Survives Against All Odds, Has Adorable Quirks

Emmit is a special kitty who was found huddled up with his siblings in a bush when they were only 2 weeks old. All the kittens were taken immediately to a vet since they were very sick. Sadly, Emmit is the only one of his litter who survived, and that was after 2 weeks of tube feeding, antibiotics, and around-the-clock care. Emmit is special for more than just surviving, though. Emmit has a cleft nose and a partially cleft palate, … Read more

Why Do Cats Purr? It’s Not Just Happiness

Is there anything more relaxing than a cat purring in your lap? Why do cats purr, anyway? It’s a way of showing that they’re contented and happy, right? Well, not always. Research is showing that cats’ purrs are a lot more complex – and interesting – than we originally thought. While purring is a natural behavior, it’s also a learned one. Kittens are born blind and deaf, but they can feel the vibrations from their mother’s purring and eventually learn … Read more

Cutest Little “Catman” Is Helping Save Philly’s Stray Cats

5-year-old Shon Griffin might be the cutest super hero you have ever seen. He loves dressing up in hero costumes to help his aunts, Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik, take care of homeless cats with their feline foster and rescue charity, Kolony Kats. Superman Shon giving Stray Kitty Crew Emerald chin scratches! They both seem to be enjoying it! 😻😻 A post shared by Kolony Kats (@kolonykats) on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:15pm PDT Shon has been helping his aunts since he was … Read more