Shelter Cats Visit Seniors Who Can’t Have Pets

In Bangor, Maine, the Cats On Laps program brings adoptable cats to visit the residents of the Phillips Strickland House, a senior home. The kitties, who reside at the Bangor Humane Society, get to enjoy the outing, while the senior residents, who can no longer care for pets, get to spend time with their furry friends. Not only does this brighten up everyone’s day, but it helps socialize the cats in preparation for adoption. How cute is this?! Former BHS foster … Read more

Wobbly Ginger Kitten Doesn’t Realize He’s Different

One of the things that amazes us the most about animals is their ability to adapt. Whether they’re born with special needs or acquire them during their lifetime, pets with disabilities don’t seem to notice that they’re different – and they love us just the same! Quaffle is one of those inspiring animals. He was at the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Los Angeles, where they discovered that he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH. This makes him wobbly on his feet. … Read more

Newly-Adopted Cat Won’t Stop Gazing At His Rescuer

If you live with a cat, you know that they love to observe what you do. But Imgur user theacaciasteph‘s newly-adopted ginger tabby simply cannot take his eyes off her! Wilbur the kitty seems to gaze at his human everywhere she goes. “I hope he’s staring out of love and not plotting my demise,” the cat-mom wrote. We’re sure he looks at her with only the purest intentions – the Imgur user says her feline friend is “such a sweetie pie!” “Perhaps … Read more

Senior Cat Who Spent Her Life As A “Breeding Machine” Gets Saved

Bengal beauty Trixie didn’t spend her life being loved and spoiled like a lucky cat who’s found their way into a wonderful forever home. Instead she lived with an irresponsible breeder, whose property was crowded with over 60 other neglected Bengals. Thankfully, this kitty was rescued in time to enjoy the better part of her golden years. At 11-years-old, she’s thought to have been bred for a decade, used as a “breeding machine” to have litters of kittens every year … Read more

Trash Collectors Notice Suspicious Box & Discover 4 Kittens Inside

In Daytona Beach, Florida, trash collectors noticed a suspicious box in a garbage pile that was destined for the landfill… and discovered four kittens inside! The box was immediately pulled from the trash heap and the 3-week-old babies were taken to the ARNI Foundation, a nearby rescue, where it was determined that they were starving and dehydrated. Strangely enough, the box had air holes poked in it, despite the fact that they were abandoned to fend for themselves.   Luckily, the kittens were … Read more

15 Kittens Dumped In Suitcase Are Rescued In The Nick Of Time

In Dagenham, Essex, a suitcase stuffed with 15 kittens was discovered by a veterinary nurse on her way to work. They were taken to the Cats Protection Hornchurch & District Branch for treatment. Miraculously, the 3-5 week old babies, thought to be from 3 different litters, were all in decent condition. “Six of them had obvious cases of eye infection and although the others seem okay for now, we will need to closely monitor them,” said Alison Gambles, the branch’s Welfare and Homing Officer, … Read more

Vet Refused To Euthanize Paralyzed Cat After Seeing “The Joy Of Life” In His Eyes

Mr. Chat is a “French disabled cat” living in Paris, France with quite a story to tell. Since his life was spared, this resilient white and tabby kitty has made sure to live life to the fullest! As a kitten, Mr. Chat tragically fell out of a fourth story window. When his former owner realized that his back legs were paralyzed, they took him to the vet – to be euthanized. Luckily, the doctor refused to perform the task and … Read more

Rescue Shaves 1lb Of Fur Off Abandoned Senior Cat

When Buttercup’s family moved away, they left… without him. Thought to be about 13 years old, this senior kitty was covered with several years’ worth of matted fur from being neglected and left to wander outside. Thankfully, a concerned passerby brought this gentle boy to the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter. He was immediately given a haircut. According to a story by PEOPLE, the kitty was cooperative, as if he knew the staff was there to help him. His rescuers were also … Read more

This Shelter Is Looking For Volunteers… To Cuddle Kittens

Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) in Florida is looking for volunteers to do what may be the best job ever: cuddle kittens! This is a foster position to help the influx of abandoned kittens that usually accompanies the spring season. In addition to snuggling, volunteers will be trained to bottle feed the babies, and will be equipped with a care kit that contains heating pads, feeding bottles, and a kitten milk replacer, according to WSVN. The news story also reports: “MDAS will schedule … Read more

Man Intends To Adopt A Kitten, Takes Home A 12-Year-Old Senior Cat Instead

When a university student named Paul decided to get a pet, he knew that a cat would be the perfect choice. “I wanted a cat because cats are generally low maintenance pets that also provide a lot of emotional support and amusement, which is especially helpful in the stressful environment of a university,” he explained to iHeartCats.   So, he took a trip to the shelter, intending to adopt a spunky, wide-eyed kitten. But as he walked around looking into the cages … Read more