Kitten Mills Are A Real Thing, And With Your Help, We Can Stop Them

Most people know about puppy mills. They may think they are “rescuing” a puppy from a mill by buying from a pet shop (they’re not), but at least they’re aware of the problem. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about kitten mills. Few people are aware of the existence of kitten mills and the terrible conditions cats are forced to live in for the sake of producing kittens that usually have more health problems than the average cat. Just like … Read more

Stray Cat That’s Too Friendly To Live On The Streets Desperately Needs A Forever Home

Balzac is a social kitty who was too friendly for his own good while living as a stray. With his gentle temperament, it was easy for the other cats to bully him. So when one scuffle lead to a bite that ballooned into an infected abscess, a woman named Anke saw the injured kitty and stepped in to help.   She wrote on Facebook. “While he lived on the streets, other neighborhood cats would try and bully him – but having the sweet disposition … Read more

Cat Who’s Re-Homed 5 Times For Being “Demanding” Only Wants Love

When Imgur user ncarbell adopted a fluffy tuxedo kitty, the poor thing had already dealt with more rejection than any pet should. “Meet James Bean,” the poster wrote. “…thought I’d share the odyssey of my rescue cat, adopted from San Francisco Animal Control. He’d been returned no fewer than 5 times because he was ‘too demanding.’” But what some may consider “high maintenance” was really the kitty’s yearning for affection. And finally, he was paired with someone who gave him that love … Read more

Discussion: Are Some Shelters/Rescues Making It Too Hard To Adopt Pets?

It has become widely known that millions of dogs and cats get euthanized every year (about 7.6 million, to be specific) due to overcrowding in shelters. As movements and activists urge potential pet parents to “adopt don’t shop,” working to minimize the wasteful death of innocent animals, caring people everywhere have opted to find their furry friends at shelters and rescues rather than pet stores and breeders. Now that “rescuing” is a popular thing to do, animal shelters and rescues may have more say in choosing … Read more

Rescue Finds Homes For FIV+ Cats At Risk For Euthanasia

As the largest no-kill, cage-free cat shelter in Georgia, Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters helps countless kitties find new homes. Stop by their shelter and you’ll find tabby cats, black cats, big cats, and kittens, but they also have a different kind of cat population waiting to be adopted. Furkids is one of only a few rescue organizations that takes in and cares for cats with feline immunodeficiency virus. Called FIV for short, cats that test positive for this lentivirus are … Read more

Shelter Cat Chooses Human & Brings Out The Best In New Brother

When a self-proclaimed “dog person” decided to meet the cats at her local shelter, she unexpectedly made a new feline friend. “His name was Bruiser when I first met him,” Imgur user sbailes wrote on a post. “According to the staff that took care of the cats, Bruiser never left his bed or cage when someone was in the room as long as he’d been there.”   But then, everything changed. “I was just looking into the cage and he walks up to me, … Read more

Woman Dies Suddenly, Leaves “Meticulous Records” Of Her 33 Cats

Most cat lovers are dedicated to giving their cats the best lives possible, but 65-year-old Loma Kenner dedicated her entire life to her cats. In the 1990’s, she was living in Sacramento, California with 25 feline family members, until the city passed an ordinance that prohibited locals from owning more than four pets.   “Moose is approximately 2 years old and is slowly coming out of his shell. He likes chin rubs and doesn’t mind other cats or dogs.” Download an adoption application by … Read more

Tough Shelter Cat Is Accepting Applications For A “Human Slave”

Mr. Biggles, aka Lord Bigglesworth, is looking for a little more than a forever family. He’s not exactly the snuggle-and-purr type, and would get along best with a human who will love him for his quirky ways. His adoption profile, posted by Pet Rescue in Australia, doesn’t sugarcoat the tomcat’s tough ways. “He looks gorgeous with his slinky shiny black fur and big yellow eyes… but beware. If he doesn’t like what you’re doing he will give you a nip! Sometimes … Read more

Elderly Woman’s Dying Wish Is To Say Goodbye To Her Cat

Grab the tissues. The photo below was shared on Imgur with the caption: Her dying wish was to see her best friend, Oliver the cat, one last time to say goodbye. It seems like the orange tabby knew that their time was limited by the way he buries his head in the crook of her arm. But the smile on this woman’s face makes it clear that her companion was bringing her comfort in her final moments. Her Dying Wish … Read more

Man “Hated Cats” Until A Split Decision Changed His Life

Although Imgur user TakaBaka used to dislike cats, a fluffy white kitten – who he acquired on a whim – ended up changing his life forever. In a post, TakaBaka says that as a kid, he was never a fan of felines. “I hated cats. I used to get attacked by them as a kid and I was extremely allergic,” he wrote.   Months earlier, the self-proclaimed “cat hater” had been diagnosed with PTSD after working as a paramedic and firefighter. “I couldn’t sleep without nightmares, … Read more