Pushy Cat Insists, “This Is My Chair!”

Yoshitsune is a sassy cat who sits where she wants. And for her insistence on sitting in an already occupied chair, social media has fallen for this cute tabby cat.

But how could Yoshitsune resist the chair? Her parents recently brought it home and as a new object in the house, of course it must pass rigorous feline inspection. But one of Yoshitsune’s parents had work to do, so her inspection would need to wait.

Deeming that excuse unacceptable, she went to work claiming it her spot, to no avail.

Fortunately, Yoshitsune’s mom was there, camera in hand to capture the silly cat antics. Sharing the series of photos to Twitter, users approved, offering up almost 180k likes. Have a look at Yoshitsune’s determined attempt to take over the chair!


I Will Have This Chair!

Yoshitsune first props her body against the chair and gives a little push. Then comes another more determined shove of the paw…


When her insistence goes ignored, the funny cat gives some silly face to the lens!


But when she realizes that body ain’t moving, she freezes and looks at the camera with a look that smacks of “Can I help you” sass!


But it’s not just the new chair that draws this curious kitty in for the sitting. Yoshitsune does a lot of sitting where she wants, like on instrument cases…


Or for a double act, draped over two instrument cases!


An amp works too…


As her mom is a florist, Yoshitsune loves to perch among the flowers…


And of course, a nice comfy cushion in a familiar chair makes for ideal sitting.


This cute cat also has a brother named Benkei who likes to sit on stuff too.


These two and their love of perching wherever they choose certainly puts a feline fanatic in mind of the poem Cats Sit Anywhere! And it is true, cats will sit anywhere they choose, regardless if it’s your spot or not! Check out these cats claiming random places to call their own.

“That’s My Spot,” The Feline Edition

This tiny floof and her hairy toes have no problem stealing the gaming chair. Makes sense, cats are master game players, ask any mouse…


Look at this “game of Cat and Mouse.”


When you “get up for one minute! One minute!”


“I left the room for a single minute.” That one minute gets a lot of pawrents!


Spot stealing done in a cute furry row!


“Yes I’m in your spot… whatcha gonna do about it? That’s right human you can sleep AROUND me.”


Meeko found the purrfect spot to claim!


Nelly had to take a meeting, so she needed that spot! Too bad if you were sitting there…


This calico cutie stole mom’s seat because her stories were on!


Neville says, “Oh, you wanted to get in bed? Sorry, this is my spot now!”


H/T: www.gidypet.com
Feature Image: @yoshi__ben/Instagram

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