Mom-To-Be Delivers Kindness And Safety To Pregnant Stray Cat

At nine months pregnant, TikTok user @mama.maners wasn’t looking to become a cat mom too, but the fates had a different idea in mind. Riding along in the car, the expectant mom spied a cat on the side of the road. The cat was bloody but moving, according to a video posted by Mrs. Maners. But she had no idea the cat was pregnant when she first saw her.

Once the cat was in the car and headed to the vet, the mom-to-be realized her little rescue was pregnant too. But the kitty was in a bad way as she was underweight, sick with worms, and suffering an eye infection. Basically, as Mrs. Maners put it, she was neglected.

Though the expectant mom wasn’t trying to adopt a cat, she couldn’t leave a fellow pregnant lady on her own. So, the Mama Cat found a place with a Mom Lady who understood her need for safety and comfort with her kittens’ arrival close at hand.


Moms Together

The story of two pregnant moms caught the attention of the internet when @mama.maners posted a video to TikTok, writing in the post, “The story of when I brought home a pregnant stray cat and we had our babies together.”

In the sweet video, Mrs. Maners shares an adorable photo of herself with her new furry friend, both of their beautiful bumps on proud display.

“When I was 9 months pregnant, I stumbled across a stray cat,” wrote Mrs. Maners. “Upon further inspection, I saw that she was also very pregnant.”


“So I took her home because us pregnant girls gotta stick together.”

The Mama Cat was ill, but Maners nursed her back to health while the two of them each prepared for the birth of their babies. And then, the most wonderful surprise arrived for the Maners family.

“We ended up having our babies at the same time.”


“And our babies became the best of friends.”

It turns out, TikTok went crazy for their story, garnering almost 800k likes in no time at all.


Finding Forever

With her new daughter in her arms, Maners also helped Mama Cat raise her kittens. As the new mom explained in a follow-up video, when the kittens reached 8 weeks old, each of them went on to forever homes specially selected by Maners. As for Mama Cat, she was spayed, and her days of having kittens are now behind her, but the joy of a new home awaited her thanks to the kindness of a fellow mom-to-be!

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Feature Image: @mama.maners/TikTok

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