Penny The Abandoned Kitten Defied The Odds And Can’t Stop Smiling About It

| Published on January 28, 2016

What would you do if you found a week old kitten on your lawn?

That’s what this family was faced with in the spring of 2015 when they found the wee baby they’d eventually name Penny.

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Animals in the wild often abandon babies who are too sick or weak to survive the harsh conditions, and Penny was certainly both. Not only was she tiny and helpless, but her eyes and mouth were caked in blood.

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Unfortunately, little Penny was found on a Sunday, when all of the local veterinary clinics were closed. So the family took her inside and did what they could while praying that it would be enough to keep her alive until the next morning. They lovingly cleaned her, kept her warm, and kept her fed and hydrated with a (needle-less) syringe.

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The next morning, the veterinarian warned the family that Penny was in bad shape. It wasn’t uncommon for a week old kitten to have not opened her eyes, since kittens generally open their eyes in 7-10 days after birth, but the blood caked around them was concerning. He also noted injuries to her mouth, which had been crushed by something (or someone). He also found bits of gravel in her mouth.

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Despite the bleak veterinary appointment, they brought Penny home and continued to give her around-the-clock care. They fed her, cleaned her, and kept her warm with cuddles and love… and a week later, little Penny opened her eyes!

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From then on, Penny got stronger and stronger every day.

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Her mouth injuries left her with a permanent quirky smirk.

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Nearly a year later, Penny has become besties with her feline sister, Eden.

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She’s playful, full of energy, and always ready for cuddles.

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She can’t stop smiling. And neither can we!