20 Must-Have Necessities For Crazy Cat Lovers

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on January 29, 2016

If you consider yourself a cat lady or gent, chances are you’ve made it a vital part of your lifestyle: kitty paraphernalia litters your house, and you proudly display pieces of cat culture in as many ways as possible. Every outfit includes a touch of feline fashion, and you stash cat-themed goods in the unlikeliest of places, from your kitchen cabinets to your office desk.

Here are 20 must-haves that any cat lady would find absolutely essential for life. New to the game? Consider this your starter kit.

1. Cat Wine GlassHey, it’s true!

Cat wine glass
Mad Olive Shop via Etsy


2. Cat Pillowcase Set. Sweet kitty dreams, guaranteed.

Xenotees via Etsy


3. Crazy Cat Lady Shirt. If everyone doesn’t already know, they will when you rock this shirt.



4. Crazy Cat Lady Makeup Case. Because when it comes to choosing a favorite kitty, you can’t “makeup” your mind! Ha!

makeup bad
The Best Of Me Designs via Etsy


5. Cat Canvas Tote Bag“Tote”even tell me you wouldn’t use this handy bag.

cat tote
The Feline Boutique via Etsy


6. Cat Head Drink Cup Coasters. Perfect for placing your cattail–er, cocktail.

feltplanet via Etsy


7. Cat PrintWhat purrrfect puns.

Cat Pun
Molly Burch Designs via Etsy.


8. Whiskers On Kittens Candle. There’s a reason they’re one of your favorite things.

cat candle
Yankee Candle via Amazon.


9. Smiling Cat Bella Fashion Tank. A simple, adorable way to declare your love for felines!

10. Orange Kitty Clutch BundleThis adorable clutch comes with a cute necklace so you can display your feline fandom for all to see.


11. Cat Butt Magnets…because nothing says “I love cats” like a diverse group of cat behinds sticking to your fridge.

cat magnets
Kikkerland via Amazon


12. Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Baking Bowls. For the cat-loving cook.

cat mixing bowls
One Hundred and Eighty Degrees via Amazon


13. Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser. “Note to self: refill cat note dispenser.”

cat post it
Post-it via Amazon


14. Memorial Locket SetHonor your beloved pet with this beautiful necklace!

15. Cat-O-Holic Shirt. Because is there anything else worth obsessing over??



16. Cat Ceramic Ring HolderFor your kitty-themed treasures.

cat ring holder
Two’s Company via Amazon


17. Cat Quote Pillow Cover. Hey, at least it’s honest.

cat pillow
Jaycat Designs via Etsy


18.  Personalized Initial Gold Cat Necklace. Wear this adorable pendant right where you like your cats: close to your heart.

cat necklace
Ringostone via Etsy


19. Happiness Cat Mug. This pretty much sums up your true feelings.

happiness cat mug


20. “Hug A Shelter Cat” Adjustable Cat Ring. Not only will you be sporting your love for cats, you’ll be supplying a meal to 20 shelter cats waiting to find their forever home.