Miracle Kitten Found Frozen In The Snow Is Now Thriving With His Family Months Later!

| Published on January 28, 2016

On Thanksgiving morning in Utah, this family awoke to a beautiful view outside. About a foot of snow had fallen onto the ground overnight, and the kids were so excited to go and play they immediately got dressed and went out to have fun. Not long after they went out, their son suddenly stumbled upon a frozen and what looked like half-dead white kitten. Their happy Thanksgiving morning quickly changed in an instant, but they weren’t about to let this animal die if it was still alive. They noticed it’s little body was still limp; a family member rushed the helpless kitten inside to sit near the fireplace to warm it up and began giving it CPR…

They said it took about an hour of determination to revive this tiny guy, not to mention tons of hope, faith and compassion. Miraculously, this adorable blue-eyed baby began breathing and moving around again. Relieved that their efforts helped, they slowly introduced small amounts of wet cat food to him and made him a nice, safe and soft area for him to relax and gain all his energy back.

Thankfully, this family went out to enjoy the snow at just the right time, any longer and that sweet little kitten could have easily died. Kittens are so susceptible to hypothermia as it is; a foot of icy snow doesn’t help. This cutie is a walking miracle, and he has his new wonderful and loving family to thank for that. They made a team effort to make it their goal to help him, and they succeeded! We have a follow up video from the kind family that saved this animal, showing all of us how happy and healthy this kitten has grown to be! He just loves to follow his daddy around his new warm, big home.

That first video had my heart sink and my eyes tear up, but I was ecstatic to see that they were able to rescue him and give him a wonderful, loving home. I can’t believe what a beautiful cat he has grown to be!