This Adorable Kitty Was Born With Forever Worried Eyes!

| Published on January 28, 2016

Which part of your cat do you love the most?

We love everything about cats. But personally, I have always been mystified by their gorgeous eyes. I love how the shape and size of their pupils change depending on the brightness of the light, and I love how they shine in the dark.

But there are cats who are born with very special, and amazingly adorable eyes. Just like the kitty in the photos below!

Everyone, meet Bum–also known as The Worried Cat.

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Bum was born with eyes that are forever worried.

He was brought to the San Diego Humane Society together with his 4 siblings. But something about Bum makes him stand out–it’s his eyes!

His eyes are crossed, and it makes him look worried all the time.

He may look silly and goofy, but according to the post by LoveMeow, Bum is a very smart cat.

And with that adorable face, he has captured the hearts of many! He’s a little shy though, but once you get to know him, they say he’s very loving.

Here’s a short video of this worried little kitty!

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Awwww…he’s adorable, isn’t he? He’s grown-up now, and he’s looking oh-so-handsome!

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Now that Bum is grown-up, he helps his mom look after and raise foster kittens.

You can read more about Bum at

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