5 Signs Your Cat Needs More Attention

All cats can exhibit attention-seeking behavior sometimes, but it’s most common in cats who are left alone for long periods of time or who don’t get enough stimulation from their home environment. A lot of the shenanigans cats pull to get our attention can be perceived as straight up naughty behavior, but it’s important to remember that cats never do things to spite us– they’re simply trying to communicate to us in the best way they know how. Some of … Read more

6 Signs Your Cat Is Angry

Cats are finicky creatures with moods that can quickly change from happy to upset. The ability to see when your cat is angry will allow you to understand when to back off and give your cat space instead of escalating the situation. Continuing to prod a cat who is angry is not only disrespectful, it’s also dangerous. A cat who is exhibiting any of these 6 signs is prepared to strike. Here are 6 signs your cat is angry: Image … Read more

Kitten Nurseries Exist, And They Are Filled With Adorable

There are a lot of jobs out there that will allow you to spend your days helping cats…but none of them may be quite as overwhelmingly adorable as working in a kitten nursery. On the surface, it may be hard to understand why kitten nurseries exist– can’t kittens just live in shelters with the adult cats? Put simply, no. Kittens require a much higher level of attention and care than they could get in a traditional animal shelter. For instance, … Read more

5 Signs Your Cat Is Lonely

Cats aren’t pack animals like dogs, but indoor cats do require affection and play with humans or other animals in order to be happy. In addition to warding off loneliness, having friends and playmates can help keep your cat mentally and physically healthier. Many of the tell-take signs of loneliness can also be signs of illness or behavioral problems. If you’re unsure, always consult your veterinarian.   #1 – Increased sleep Cats are nocturnal creatures, so it’s normal for them … Read more

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Pet Your Cat More

Most of us don’t need any extra reasons or incentives to pet our cats. Many of us would probably even stay home from work to pet our cats if we didn’t have bills to pay. The most obvious reason we love to pet our cats is because they are soft. That’s a pretty good reason, but it turns out that there are even more benefits to petting your cat– both for her and for you! In you rush to pet … Read more

6 Subtle Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Cats are masters at hiding illnesses, so it’s not always easy to know when something is wrong. To make matters more complicated, sometimes the signs are so subtle that they may be easy to miss or disregard. Here are 6 subtle signs to look out for and take seriously. Your cat’s health and life may depend on it. #1 – Dull coat A healthy coat on  a cat will be smooth and shiny. Dull coats often indicate poor nutrition or … Read more

7 Things That Are Harder To Do When You Live With Cats

Now that I’ve lived with cats for the past 12 years of my adult life, I don’t know how I ever lived without them. They add infinite amounts of love, happiness, playfulness, and comfort to my life. Cats, of course, also come with their fair share of mischief and shenanigans, which can complicate some of the simplest everyday tasks. #1 – Making the bed Making my bed has become so challenging that I have resorted to coaxing my kitties out … Read more

5 Reasons To Quarantine Your New Kitten

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how amazing kittens are; it’s obvious just from looking at them. They’re furry little balls of overwhelming cuteness, and adopting one into your family can instantly fill your home with sweetness and fun. While you’ll probably want your new baby to be with you immediately and all of the time, it can benefit both you and your kitten to quarantine her for a few days, especially if you live with other animals. … Read more

Keep Your Senior Cat Young At Heart With These 8 Tips

We all want our cats to live as long as possible, but it can be hard to watch them become seniors. Each cat will enter senior-hood in its own unique way. You may notice that your once-spry cat is having a hard time walking up the stairs, or that the laser pointer isn’t quite as interesting as a nap anymore. There’s no stopping nature’s clock, but there are some things you can do to make your cat’s life easier and … Read more

5 Reasons Your Cat Loves To Perch

Providing places to perch is one of the most essential parts of building a happy and stimulating environment for your cat. Perching is so important, in fact, that if you don’t provide one, your cat will often create one herself on top of your dresser or on a shelf (she may even resort to pushing stuff out of her way). Have you ever wondered what drives your cat to perch? Here are five reasons.   #1 – Out of reach … Read more