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10 Cat Myths To Stop Believing


There’s a lot of mystery behind the big eyes of our feline friends, and there’s a lot we still don’t know about their behaviors, personalities, and health needs. Pet owners learn a lot from sharing their homes with cats, but not everything is as it seems. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around, and some are causing trouble when it comes to properly caring for our cats. The better we understand our furry family members, the better our relationships will be. Here are the top ten cat myths to stop believing.

1. Cats have nine lives.

The idea that cats have nine lives most likely originated from ancient Egypt. The sun god, Atum-Ra, could shape-shift into a cat, and he was also one of nine powerful deities. The myth was further supported by the almost magical way cats seem to survive harrowing accidents. They may have a strong survival instinct that can get them out of potentially dangerous situations, but cats are by no means invincible.

2. They always land on their feet.

While cats are quick on their feet and agile enough to turn and twist their bodies in midair, they don’t always land on their feet. They climb trees and cross balconies, and when they fall, they’re in very real danger of getting hurt. High-rise syndrome is when cats bravely venture out onto dangerous heights, risking a rogue gust of wind or misstep that could send them falling toward the ground.

3. Cats can’t be trained like dogs can.

With the right techniques, cats can be trained to do a lot of the same tricks dogs do. They learn best through positive reinforcement and are motivated with clickers and treats. They can come when called, sit, lay down, and roll over. They can even be taught to go to the bathroom in the toilet and flush when they’re finished. Try training a dog to do that!

Check out this article for more tips on training your cat.

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