9 Reasons We Don’t Deserve Cats

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on September 17, 2020

We don’t deserve cats!

Cats are the coolest customers around and it’s hard to believe they’re even fur real sometimes.

From their pebbled noses to their tippy toes, kitties fill the world with joy and snark. And we sure love them for all their snuggles and sass. We aren’t worthy of such purrfection!

There are reasons aplenty we don’t deserve cats, but here are some of the top cattributes that make cats the best!

we don't deserve cats

9 Reasons We Don’t Deserve Cats

#1 – Cat cuddles are too pure.

When your day is blue and you need a lift, cat snuggles are the best medicine. The ultimate heart healing happens when a kitty turns on the full-force purr. Bad vibes beware feline magic!


#2 – Because cat bleps

we don't deserve cats

Admit it, when your cat peeps out that little pink tongue, your heart melts to goo. Yep, the cat blep gets us too. Just another reason we don’t deserve cats!


#3 – Their toe beans are too adorably plump.

Kitty cat toe beans are ideal for a game of This Little Piggy. Some cats will let you get away with it, but others will rabbit kick your hands away. Either way, it’s worth a try because those toe beans are too much!


#4 – Cat cleverness knows no bounds.

When a cat wants something, he puts his mind to making it happen. Whether it’s grabbing your snack off the counter or prying open the bathroom door to get at the toilet paper, cats will puzzle out how to get it done. We could learn from their determined cunning!

Tree House Humane Society/Facebook

#5 – Even when they’re grumpy, cats are still darling.

It’s not many a creature who can look so cute when wearing a grumpy face. But cats are the master of throwing shade and looking irresistibly darling all at once. Show us a human who can pull off grumpy cute like this…


#6 – Kitties make sunshine puddles look like magic.

When the afternoon sun creeps across the floor, there you’ll find a cat stretched out in a state of luxurious repose! The look of pure content on those adorable faces makes us want to dive into that sunshine puddle for the warm magic too.


#7 – Those eyes hold the mysteries of the ages…

Inside the wild eyes of a cat, there is knowledge humans long to know. The secrets of the ancient and primitive rest there, just out of our reach…


#8 – Because humans can never get this comfy when they nap.

we don't deserve cats
SAAF Spay Neuter Clinic/Facebook

We toss and we turn, always hunting the most comfortable position to sleep, but cats don’t seem to share this issue. Feline bodies are made for comfort contortion, and sadly, we’ll never master the cinnamon bun sleep style of cats!


#9 – Feline floof is everything.


Cat fur is soft and luxurious and who can’t resist scritching those fuzzy cheeks. And tummy fur, oh goodness, how lush can you get. But as much as we want to bury our faces in that floof, it’s probably not the best idea! But why do cats show us those tummies if they don’t want them rubbed? Just another cat mystery we might never solve.


But one thing that’s no mystery when it comes to cats, they are pure purrfection and we don’t deserve them. But thank goodness we have them!

Feature Image: @toasted_elvis/Instagram