A Cat Has Finally Joined This Airport’s Animal Therapy Team

Pet owners know that the mere presence of a furry friend can melt stress away. That’s why the Denver International Airport has a team of therapy dogs to ease travelers’ anxiety – and a cat just joined the ranks!

The Canine Airport Therapy Squad – or CATS – has just welcomed it’s first real feline to the group. The program consists of over 75 certified therapy dogs, including almost 40 different breeds, who rotate 2-hour shifts to calm the nerves of flying commuters. Now, cat lovers will be thrilled to know that a cuddly kitty will be available for snuggles, too!

Xeli, pronounced Zee-Lee, is a lovable therapy cat that will be happy to offer head-bumps and purrs for feline fans and that prefer a more subdued type of stress relief.

It looks like she’s pretty eager about her new gig!

“We’re really excited to have (Xeli). We know there are a lot of people who love cats just as much as people who love dogs,” said airport spokeswoman Daria Serna in a story by The Denver Post. “It will be great have her on the concourse visiting people and making people smile. She loves to meet people.”

If you’re passing through the Denver airport and want to make sure Xeli or any of her friends are available, check out the airport’s Twitter page. There, they make daily announcements on which members of the CATS team will be there!

You’re a good kitty, Xeli!

Would visiting a therapy animal make you more relaxed before a flight? Do you think more airports should have programs like this? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t: The Denver Post)

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