Zoom Bombs: Cats Think Virtual Meetings Are Held Just For Them

Without fail, anytime my husband starts a Zoom session to teach his students a lesson in mathematics, our senior cat loves to sing the song of her people for all the students to hear. What follows is usually the sound of my slippers scuffing in the hall which trails into the abrupt and overly-dramatic halt of her chorus mid-meow as I gather her up, or as Queen kitty would term it, accost her. And this common scenario isn’t just happening in my house.

Oh no, cats across the world have figured out virtual meetings are the purrfect opportunity to make their voices heard. Basically, Zoom and Google Meetings has given cats a platform to further their plans for world domination. And they have no shame interrupting humans to get it done.

Lucky for us, social media serves as a great support group for cat parents who struggle with cats and Zoom. Thanks to all the posts of virtual meeting interruption by kitty angels, at least us felines enthusiasts can laugh collectively at the struggle of life with cats!

Enjoy this gallery of cats zoom-bombing their parents and laugh because you understand their pain!

From Managed Meetings to Catastrophe – The Best of Cats Interrupting Zoom Sessions

A cat mom asks, “Does everyone else’s cat feel the need to join you on every Zoom meeting?” The answer is yes!


Cats like to learn and with virtual academia felines are enhancing their knowledge. It’s far too easy for them to pop in and have look at the material, a really close look in Lennie’s case!


Not only will this cat dad’s students get a “surprise quarantine mustache,” they get a surprise cat too!


Check out this striped student learning all about the exciting world of bovine tuberculous. #vetstudentlife


And a professor has accepted the reality of virtual school and living with a cat, sharing, “First Zoom lectures recorded and uploaded. It looks like students are going to get to know my cats over the coming weeks…”


“It’s not a Zoom meeting until Eddie comes and crashes!” 


A cat dad on Twitter reported his status as “3 separate Zoom meetings going on in 3 separate rooms with 3 separate cats sitting on 3 separate laps.” A comment revealed similar circumstances…


A lovely calico lynx introduces herself to the virtual world, “I am Eloise. Of course all Zoom participants want to look at my pretty fur.


Tally cat is “smashing these meetings today 😹 I wonder if they’ll let me be a pawxecutive?”


Ghost reveals his devilish dealings in the virtual sphere, “Today I was the star at my hooman sister’s virtual ‘show & tell’. They all looked confused when I started biting the presenters!”


Holly kitty has decided, “Dis Zoom meeting could’ve def been an email; u will be hearing about this in ur purrformance review. my brunch is waiting n my meowmosa’s getting warm.”


Missy and Rogue “creeping into the back of your Zoom calls like…’We’re watching you’!”


H/T: www.cuteness.com
Feature Image: @eloise_the_calico_lynx/Instagram & @thedemonicexotic/Instagram

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