10 Longhaired Cat Breeds With Irresistible Fur

There are few things more beautiful than a long, luxurious coat on a gorgeous cat. When well-groomed, it makes these felines look like some of the most majestic and regal animals in existence. Long-haired cats might take some extra brushing time than other breeds, but they are well-worth the added effort. Bask in their beauty, snuggle their soft fur and enjoy their silly personalities!

#1 – Birman

Image source: Matthew Boyle via Flickr

The Birman is a long-haired, colorpointed cat also considered to be the “Sacred Cat of Burma.” Their fur is soft and silky, but they lack an undercoat and are much less prone to matting than other long-haired breeds. They are very social cats and are known for being quite talkative.

#2 – British Longhair

Image source: Sylvie Mitteaux-Martin via Flickr

The British Longhair is the long-coated version of the British Shorthair. They are very calm and easygoing cats that prefer a more sedentary life. Their coats are thick and lustrous. Although they enjoy spending time with their families, they do not like being carried around or excessive attention.

#3 – Himalayan

Image source: Jeff via Flickr

The Himalayan was created by crossbreeding Persians and Siamese cats. They are intelligent and social cats with very thick, heavy coats. They are known for enjoying a game of fetch and do not do well when left alone for long periods of time.

#4 – Maine Coon

Image source: Jorbasa Fotografie via Flickr

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They are large, elegant cats with thick coats that make them look even bigger than they are. They are very social cats and are often dubbed the “gentle giants” of the cat world. Their lustrous coats are water-resistant and fair well in cold, wet climates.

#5 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Image source: Jodie C via Flickr

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a naturally occurring cat breed with a coat that’s ready for the harsh Scandinavian winters. Their coats are water-resistant but not the longest of these long-haired breeds. They are very social cats that enjoy being a part of the family environment.

#6 – Persian

Image source: allen watkin via Flickr

The Persian is probably the most well-known of the long-haired cats. They have very thick coats that need regular grooming, but prefer gentle handling so care must be taken to minimize stress. They are sweet, reserved cats that enjoy spending time with their families but are unlikely to engage in boisterous games.

#7 – Ragdoll

Image source: WJ van den Eijkhof via Flickr

The Ragdoll is named for its unique personality trait that resembles just that – a ragdoll. These cats often go limp when picked up and enjoy being carried and handled constantly. Their coats are very soft with a rabbit-like texture and despite it’s length and thickness, they shed very little. They are very loving and social cats that enjoy attention.

#8 – Siberian

Image source: Gina Spadafori via Flickr

The Siberian is a naturally occurring cat breed from Russia, which is why it has such a thick, luxurious coat. To survive the harsh Russian winters, such fur is needed for protection. They are very intelligent cats that are known for their problem-solving skills and physical agility. Although considered a semi-longhair cat, their coats are thick and consist of three layers: the guard hairs, awn hairs and down.

#9 – Turkish Angora

Image source: Klaus Balzano via Flickr

The Turkish Angora is a semi-longhaired cat and are an ancient, naturally occurring breed. They have soft, silky hair that rarely mats. Despite their slender look, they are very powerful and athletic cats. They are outgoing, affectionate and enjoy spending a lot of active time with their families.

#10 – Turkish Van

4527412277_06e3a08bc9_z (1)
Image source: Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

The Turkish Van is an ancient breed known for its mostly white coat with small head patterns. They have long, soft coats with no undercoat that have a cashmere-like texture. They are very intelligent and active cats that enjoy playing interactive games like retrieve.

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