Smoke And Shadow Narnia Is A Dad And His Kittens Are Just As Amazing As Him

Remember Amazing Narnia, the cat of shadow and smoke?

Of course you do, there’s no forgetting this living piece of art thanks to his dual-colored face of grey and black and eyes of sky blue!

We have the happiest Narnia news to share. Amazing Narnia has become a dad! And so many of his kittens have definitely taken after their British Shorthair old man. In their shades of silver and black or in the color of their eyes, many of this amazing cat’s kittens are carrying on his impressive look. None of them wear his split-color face, but they’re all adorable nonetheless.

Little Phoenix and Prada each have their dad’s coloring, but one is silver and the other is black. Like the grey half of Narnia’s face, Phoenix is the fluffy grey kitten.


And Prada is all black save the white patch on her chin and chest. And when looking at Narnia and Prada side by side, it’s easy to see how their chin spots and chest medallions match right up.


Here’s Narnia with his fluffy kitten son, Roswell! He wears the chin patch and white locket on his chest too…



Daughter Rose is another fluffy, little chip off the old block!


One thing all his kids have common though? They’re all totally adorable. And the same hold’s true with Narnia’s grandchildren. Yep, you read that right, Narnia has grandkittens!


Blue Eyes of Ice

Though many of his kittens share his coloring, they don’t have Narnia’s blue eyes. Instead, most of them have the amber eyes often seen on British Shorthair cats. A few of his kittens have had  their handsome dad’s baby blues though and Narnia’s mom, Stephanie, told Bored Panda, “It is very rare, there are only a few cats in the world that are fully colored and have blue eyes. This is a new gene called ‘ice’.”


Not a Chimera, But a Beautiful Quirk of Nature

Since we first brought you the tale of Amazing Narnia, this quirky-coated cat thought to be a chimera cat has been found not to be a chimera after all. Chimerism occurs when two embryos fuse into one very early on in pregnancy, but as Stephanie explained, “A geneticist performed tests and [found] Narnia has only one DNA… there remains a mystery for science.”

Though his coloring can’t be explained, Narnia’s dual-colors continue to amaze us!


Stephanie shared, “When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.”

And now, Amazing Narnia is passing his exceptionality on to his kittens, creating a legacy which will never be furgotten!  Read more about this shadow and smoke cat here.


Feature Image: @amazingnarnia/Instagram

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