This Cat’s So Cool She Has To Wear Shades

Bagel, known as Sunglass Cat on social media, was born with no eyelids. That’s not slowing her down though! With the creative recommendation from her veterinarian, Bagel leads a relatively normal life by sporting a pair of bejeweled sunglasses.

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The shades help keep debris (which could cause irritation, vision problems, or blindness) out of Bagel’s eyes.

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She’s happy to wear them now since she associates them with being safe and comfortable.

She has had three surgeries so far to help her condition, but her human mama still has to administer eyedrops a few times a day because Bagel can’t produce the tears necessary to keep her eyes moist.

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If Bagel hadn’t been rescued by her human, she likely would have been euthanized for being “unadoptable”. Now she lives a cool life with a bright future full of cuddles and pets from all of her admirers.

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Bagel and her mom love to show the world how special she is and hope to encourage more people to adopt special needs animals.

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