The Bathroom Cat Club

Some of us have cats that will follow us around everywhere. To the living room, to our bedrooms, to the kitchen and even to the bathroom. If you leave the door cracked, expect to see some heads pop through to join you! If I leave the bathroom door open slightly, both of my cats with be in there within a couple of seconds. I don’t think it is literally because I am going to the restroom, but because they like climbing in the bathtub, playing with the shower curtain and hopping on the counter top, since i usually don’t allow them in there. This guy has five little buddies who like to be there for him, but each has their own reasons for entering.

One of the kitties wants to climb up on his lap, one wants to watch the water swirl down the drain, another wants to pull the toilet paper roll down and it seems the others are there because everyone else is, so why not? Even though us humans like our private time, sometimes it’s okay to let our cats join us in the restroom. Why not have a family gathering at the same time?

No matter what the case may be, it all boils down to being in the same room with their owner. That is sweet, even in an odd, smelly place like this. Share with your cat loving friends!

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