The Magnificent 7 Cats: Today’s Top Pics

| Published on August 28, 2015

Britain’s most famous internet cats, The Magnificent 7 Cats, are Rocky, Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. They live with their people in London, England.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the best of the week’s pictures from our Facebook page together with some of our favourite comments from friends from around the world.


Baby Pixie! Miss beautiful Thuggy.

Pixie baby iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment:  ‘Aww baby Pixie, lovable kitty!! I just wanna hug her!!! *hug* *hug* *hug* and many more for this fur ball’  (from the Memories are Unforgettable community).


Rocky: It’s a day of roses and love. Maybe we should have a ‘Be Nice to Everyone’ Day?

Rocky red iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment:  ‘Red roses and gorgeous Rocky. What more could a Lady ask for?’  (from Kathryn Hodges, Bath, UK).



Norman: our little sweet cheeks. Unbearably cute. Help me!

Norman plants iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment: ‘You just gotta smooch those sweet cheeks! If I were there, I’d help you!’ (from Nancy Ratner, USA).


Can’t forget little bear boy! So here ‘s Tom – in love mode.

Tom Petals iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment: So beautiful Tom! Your eyes are stunning! No wonder the ladies are crazy for u! One look at u and their in love!’ (from Isabella Micheals, Florida, USA).


Beautiful and pure. Junior the ‘J-Bomb’ knows he looks good.

Junior white iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment: ‘I love it. Peaceful and cosy, makes me want to lay next to him.’ (from Thorin, Brandenburg, Germany).


Good morning! Have a great day. Much love from Pixie.

Pixie table iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment: ‘Absolutely gorgeous eyes!’ (from Barry DunnUK).


Prince is such a fluff ball. He rocks the look.

Prince fluffy iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment: He is gorgeous!!! He has this regal look about him. His name is very fitting. (from Sheba Lio, Manhattan, New York, USA).


Who’s the lucky guy?!!

Pixie re iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment:  ‘Remember when you had it Bad for “Me”, Pixie . . . before you were famous ? But I didn’t have a car!’ (from Moonbeam at Cats & Blooms, Florida, USA).



Pixie is always so alert. She’ll awlays try to find a way to escape…

Pixie pink flowers iheart 28 Aug 2015

Our favourite comment:  ‘Sounds just like my rescue, Hobo… and wow is he fast !! He heads right under my car. I’m sure he knows I can’t down there to drag him out. Luckily I have the best neighbours ever and they always come over and ‘save’ him!’ (from Lee Fletcher, Ontario, Canada).



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We post great new photos every day and we’d love to hear from you – and your kitties. Maybe we can share your comments here!