Magnificent Ragdoll: Meet Prince from The Magnificent 7 Cats

| Published on August 17, 2015

Britain’s most famous internet cats, The Magnificent 7 Cats, are Rocky, Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. They live with their people in London, England.

Over the last six weeks we’ve met each cat in turn. This week it’s number 7 – Prince.


Prince is a 7-year old blue-point ragdoll. He’s a big boy, too, with an incredibly thick coat and chunky legs. With his surly expression Prince  can look quite magnificent.


PRINCE IHEARTCATS 17 AUG 2015 Prince Watering Can-19

Sasha (Prince’s mom) bought him as a present to herself. For such a serious-looking cat he’s remarkably loving – and even possessive.  He likes nothing better than to curl-up on the sofa with his people.


PRINCE IHEARTCATS 17 AUG 2015 Prince on shed

Prince loves to touch and connect, from just laying a paw on his mom’s hand to climbing up onto his dad’s chest while he’s asleep in bed.



Prince is the largest of the Magnificent 7 Cats and the others are quite wary of him – even Rocky, his greatest rival. If he decides something is ‘his’ (typically one of dad’s shoes), he’ll lie on his tummy with his paws resting on the object. If any of the other cats even dares to show the slightest interest, he’s quite liable to give them a quick slap around the head!


PRINCE IHEARTCATS 17 AUG 201 Prince cloud

Prince is very calm and in-control. There’s something sphinx-like about him as he lies quietly, awake but with his eyes serenely closed yet fully-aware of his surroundings.


PRINCE IHEARTCATS 17 AUG 2015 Prince near box

Prince has one major dislike: grooming. This is an issue with such long fur. If he gets so much as a hint of a grooming brush coming out he’s gone in a flash.


PRINCE IHEARTCATS 17 AUG 2015 Prince on the fence-1

Prince has one major obsession. As soon as any of the other cats has used the litter box (making their usual completely ineffective attempts to cover their mess), Prince will casually wander over and ‘inspect’ the evidence. He’ll give it a quick sniff and the make sure it’s properly covered. We used to call him ‘the toilet attendant’ but someone suggested that he might be checking-up on the health of the other cats so his nickname changed to Dr Prince – which kind of stuck.

PRINCE IHEARTCATS 17 AUG 201 Prince close

There’s one thing you can rely on with Prince and that’s loyalty; he’s like close protection for his people. No-one messes with his mom and dad!



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