This Cat Is Determined To Catch The Windshield Wiper

I’m telling you Joe, they were aliens out to get me! I was just sitting quietly on the dashboard of that heap of junk, waiting for the humans to start moving us out from there when out of nowhere, these two creeps who looked like those daddy long leg insects came up so fast and tried to grab me. It’s a good thing I’m very agile and I was able to get out of the way and they missed me!

I would have been a goner Joe, I’m tellin ya! Those evil monsters were out for our blood. They kept attacking me from different directions. Why it’s a good thing I had my invisible bubble shield to protect me! Yeah well, I would’ve been able to give them a one, two punch followed by a left and right hook if I didn’t have my bubble shield though.

The humans are lucky I was with them that day Joe, otherwise I’m sure they wouldn’t have survived the attack. You want proof that aliens exist? Watch the video and share it with other cats. We all have to protect our humans, you know! 😉

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