Cat Goalie Is Absolutely Hilarious!


What Argentina would have given to have this amazing cat goalie in their team during the finals against Germany in the FIFA World Cup Finals last year!! I bet all goalkeepers on different teams can learn a lesson or two from the genius moves of this cat – he’s certainly got the style and that uncanny ability in knowing where to go in order to stop a penalty goal, etc.! Can I have your autograph please, Mr. Cat? Why, I’m an instant fan!! ^_^

Light on his feet, he is able to move fast and save goals with such a nonchalant panache. Which famous goalie does he remind you of? Gianluigi Buffon from the Italian National Team or Manuel Buer of Munich Bayern? Hugo Loris of Tottenham Hotspur, perhaps? How about Thibaut Courtois from the Team of Chelsea?

Well, if cats had their own football league, I’m sure this cat would be ranked in the top 10 of football goalkeepers! Hmmm…I wonder which team he’ll be playing for, CAT UNITED perhaps? Share this with other cat lovers, I’m sure they’ll…ahem, get a kick out of this cute video! 🙂

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