Creeper Cats Think It’s Funny To Scare!

| Published on August 17, 2015

There are all types of cats in the world – the stand-offish ones, the snuggly ones, the playful ones, the ones that sleep all day and those that act more like a dog than a cat.


But then there are these cats. The Creeper Cats. You know the type…they sneak up out of nowhere and suddenly – STRIKE! They’ve attacked your feet, hands, face…whatever was within reach.


These kitties have out of control hunting instincts and they have to use ‘em! Whether it’s the family pet bunny, a toy, the dog sleeping unknowingly on the bed, even another kitty (or a moose?!) these cats lie in wait…


Watch the funny video below, complied by Andrew Osborne and posted on the HooplaHa Network. Thanks, Andrew, for warning us to be on the lookout for Creeper Cats.

Do you have a creeper cat? Share your creeper cat story in the comments. You can also check out more funny animal videos on the Heartwarming Animal YouTube Channel.