Tough Guy Cat: Meet Rocky from The Magnificent 7: Britain’s Most Famous Cats

| Published on July 20, 2015

The Magnificent 7 Cats are Rocky, Dr Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. They live with their people in London, England.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be meeting each of the 7 cats.

This week we feature the ‘Godfather’ of the family: Rocky.


20 July 2015 ROCKY slant

Rocky is 12 pounds of solid muscle! He’s 8 year-old British Blue X Turkish Van and the toughest of all his 6 siblings.


20 July 2015 Rocky close up

Rocky was involved in a road accident after escaping from the house when he was about 2. He was seriously injured and literally dragged himself home with just his front legs. He had to be given a replacement metal hip and pins in his leg – although you’d never know it today. He’s as tough as he looks!


20 July 2015 Rocky working it

Rocky lost all his eyebrows but one – through fighting in his younger days, knowing him. But he’s happiest at home now. And when he’s home he wants love. And fish!


20 July 2015 Rocky on bench 2

There’s a deep and ancient wisdom to Rocky. He’ll stare into your soul!



20 July 2015 Rocky new

Rocky’s awesome white whiskers look really striking against his jet-black fur.


20 July 2015 Rocky blue used

Rocky is a cat of few words. He’ll look you in the eye until he’s sure he has your full attention. And then he’ll meow, silently. Rocky doesn’t waste his words; and he doesn’t realize how cute his tough-guy routine makes him look!


20 July 2015 rocky batman

Good-looking boy. Rocky is the Godfather of the Magnificent 7 Cats. But don’t tell Dr Prince; they are pretty fierce rivals for the top spot. Face-offs are frequent (although never physical).



Rocky is a classic tuxedo cat. From some angles, the white patch on his chest looks like an angel.


20 July 2015 Rocky 3

It’s that look again. Rocky likes to play chicken when he looks into your eyes; who’s going to blink first?!


Next week: Ugs.

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