Britain’s Most Famous Cats are Back!

| Published on June 29, 2015

The Magnificent 7 Cats are Rocky, Dr Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. The Mag 7 Cats live with their people in London, England – just near the river Thames and a few miles from Buckingham Palace.

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Cats, for us, are the very essence of pure, unconditional love. Some may seem aloof; some a bit needy; some graceful and sleek; others bumbling and almost dog-like. But what they all have in common is honesty and purity.

We adore our cats and we want to be a force for good.

Each of the Mag 7 Cats has their own distinct look and personality and we’d love you to get to know them. So please enjoy our pictures and share them if you’d like. And feel free to post a comment – we’ll always do our best to reply!

Sasha and The Magnificent 7 Cats


26 JUN 2015 Rocky blue used-140

Rocky is 12 pounds of solid muscle! He’s an 8 year-old British Blue X Turkish Van and definitely the Mag 7’s ‘Godfather’. He’s happiest when he’s outdoors, hunting.

He’s lost all his eyebrows but one – through fighting, knowing him. But when he’s home he’s calm, placid and very in-control. And he likes fish. A lot.

There’s a deep and ancient wisdom to Rocky. He’ll look at you and stare into your soul – then make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Most likely to say: You wanna piece of me?!

Least likely to say: I’ll just stay at home today and play with some string


Dr Prince

26 JUN 2015 Prince near Ivy-49

Dr Prince is everything a rag-doll should be: loving, docile, floppy, slightly aloof and rather self-assured. He’s 8 years old and he’s a big boy at about 6kgs (13lb).

He’s a bit of a loner and tends not to socialise too much with the other six cats. You could almost describe him as grumpy and he’s been known to give the younger cats a whack around the head if they get too giddy!

As grumpy and aloof as Prince might seem, this isn’t the fully story. He’s very happy to sit beside his people on the sofa and loves to be stroked and fussed-over while he quietly purrs.

He also has a litter-tray fixation. He hates to see a dirty litter tray and will clean-up after the other cats!

Most likely to say: Sorry. Can’t stop – I’m busy burying Pixie poop.

Least likely to say: That’s fine, Tom. Just bite my tail, I’ll hardly notice.




Junior is a pure-white Turkish Van with bi-coloured eyes – and, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean he’s deaf!

Junior’s overriding characteristic (aside from his mesmeric eyes) is his lovingness. He’s happiest when he’s head-bumping, nudging, kissing and laying on his back to be tickled when he’ll stretch out his toes in ecstasy.

Although he likes to spend most of his time indoors, he loves to go out. You’ll often see him high-up balanced on walls or expertly walking from fence to fence between yards and gardens.

Most likely to say: I love you, I love you, I love you! Did I tell you I love you?!

Least likely to say: I’m avoiding my people today. Don’t touch me.




Ugs is an 8 year-old Persian who came to live with his people from the age of two. Of all tyhe Mag 7 Cats, he’s probably the kindest, most caring and sweet-natured; he’s just a bundle of love!

His favourite thing of all is ‘Dreamies’ – the little cat treats. Ugs will follow his people around the house, almost like a puppy, then he’ll stop and look up with an expression of pure love. He might even give a high-five if he’s in the mood.

If one of the other cats isn’t feeling well, Ugs is always the first on the scene to look after them.

Most likely to say: Grunt. How can I help you today?

Least likely to say: No Dreamies, thanks. I’m not hungry.


Princess Persephone (Pixie)

26 JUN 2015  Pixie flowers new-21

Princess Persephone – or Pixie for short – came into the world on Valentine’s Day 2011. She’s a blue-point ragdoll with mesmeric blue eyes, perfect whiskers and immaculate ear tufts.

Pixie is pretty small, even for a female ragdoll. She has a tiny, heart-shaped face and a very slinky body. She has a floppiness, typical of all ragdolls, although she’s not at all fond of being picked up – she’s far too grand to be cuddled. She’s a princess and there are standards to uphold!

Pixie doesn’t walk, she trots like she’s wearing high-heels. She’ll take a few quick steps and then stop, have a quick groom and then trot along some more with her nose in the air.

She’s the only girl in The Magnificent 7 and she likes it that way.

Most likely to say: Do you know who I am?! Did I tell you I was famous? You may call me Your Royal Highness.

Least likely to say: I’m just a simple kinda girl. Don’t fuss; just take me as you find me.


26 JUN 2015 `Tom Tosser-176


Tomerine (Tom)

This is Tom. Some people call him Tommy but his real name is Tomerine (pronounced Tom-er-eeny).
Born in June 2011, Tom is a pure-bred seal-point Persian from a litter of 6.

To say that Tom is a little eccentric is perhaps an understatement. His face looks permanently grumpy, his eyes are googly and wobble from side-to-side. He has a little pink lip and tiny teeth which make him look like a teddy bear. He shuffles along waggling his bottom meowing like an angry old man. When he wants something (usually cheese) he’ll look you right in the eye and meowww until he gets it.

And he’s a bit of ladies’ man, too.

Most likely to say: Cheese, please!

Least likely to say: That’s enough cheese, thanks.



26 JUN 2015  Norman Garden-53


Norman is a 3-year old bi-colour Persian. He was very much the runt of his litter and was hand-reared by his breeder; and at one point it really didn’t look as though he was going to make it.
Norman has always been a bit of a scaredy-cat and really doesn’t like sudden movements or heavy footsteps – until bedtime, that is. Norman loves routine and bedtime for his people means Norman’s special time and he leaps into action.

He’ll zoom up to the bedroom, jump up onto the bed and wait to be stroked and tickled- and give disapproving looks and loud meows if the petting stops before he’s ready – after about 2 hours!

Most likely to say: Is it bedtime yet?

Least likely to say: Could you stop cuddling me, please?