Meet Corduroy: The World’s Oldest Living Cat At The Age Of 26!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on August 16, 2015

On average, it’s predicted that cats have about a 15 year life span. For those that get to live out a happy life in a loving home, it could even be an upwards of 20 years. Recently the Guinness Book of World Records caught wind of one special feline to take the crown as the world’s oldest living cat, at the ripe old age of 26! Meet Corduroy, who looks to be a Maine Coon mix that now holds the title. His owners were thrilled on his behalf, and they credit his many years by simply allowing him to do what he does best, be a cat!

To celebrate his crowning, his owners treated Corduroy to one of his favorite things–a mouse! Can you believe how old Creme Puff lived to be?? Those were some lucky owners to have the love of the same cat for so long! Share this cool story with your cat lover friends, just like you!