There’s Nothing Aloof About This Loving Kitty Cat

So, whoever said that cats aren’t sweet and loving creatures hasn’t met Ville yet! This super sweet and very loving cat shows us all how much she loves her daddy. See how she cuddles, hugs and kisses her loving dad? She won’t stop and nor does he! Golly, I’ve never seen this type of PDA before, not from a cat, anyways.

I never realized how loving cats can be. You know how they usually are, right? They’re like those people who have such ascerbic wit most of the time but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love their humans – they do but they aren’t that demonstrative and most of the time, they show their love for us by teasing us and their words of endearment usually run along this line, “You lose, suckers!”

That’s okay. At least now we know how sweet and loving they can be, just like Ville to her daddy…and to his bowl!! Share this with other cat lovers, I’m sure, they’re gonna have a smile on their faces as soon as they see this cute vid! 🙂

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