Rescued From Largest Cruelty Case In History, This Cat Now Lives In The Lap Of Luxury

Lola was rescued from one of the largest cruelty cases in history.  Nearly 700 cats were found at a hoarder’s house in Alachua County, Florida in 2011.


The cats were malnourished, ill, matted, many with untreated, severe medical conditions. Lola endured her captivity directly across from a refrigerator were deceased cats were kept.


She ended up blind in one eye and has not teeth. But that didn’t stop Karin from falling in lover with her.

“She is blind in one eye, but she doesn’t let that get in her way,” says her new owner, Karin.

Image source: HSUS

Lola is now living in the lap of luxury, chasing string…


And eating peanut butter for a treat (her favorite!)

Image source: HSUS
Image source: HSUS
Lola with her new mom, Karin. Image source: HSUS
Lola with her new mom, Karin. Image source: HSUS

And even gets Christmas presents.

Image source: HSUS
Image source: HSUS

Watch in this video as Karin sees for the first time, where Lola was living before she became part of her family.

We are so glad Lola has a wonderful, loving home where she is spoiled like she deserves. This video is part of the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS)  Forever Home series, which was created to show the amazing transformation these animals have gone through since being rescued by the HSUS Animal Rescue Team. To help, go and donate today.


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