The Cats Of Summer Are Here, Soaking Up Fun In The Sun

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on June 18, 2021

Just like us, cats enjoy the freedom of summer days and the fun of summer nights.

Felines know when the temps rise, so does the need for a good time. Cats love their fun, and social media has scads of kitties showing off how they enjoy the summer season. Cool cats like chilling at the pool or on the beach, while others crave the summer for the garden yields. Just about all kitties enjoy the hot weather for the purrfect sunbathing it offers. And, also like their people, cats try to beat the summer heat in the coolest and funniest of ways.

So, while you’re out shimmying in the sun, look for cats having fun, too. You might find them swimming, hiking, or even paddling down the river. If you don’t catch a cat at play, don’t worry, you’ll surely find a kitty taking a summertime nap in the sun.

Check out these cats soaking up the summer fun!

The Cats of Summer

Cem the Cat is certainly ready for the heat, looking cool in his tropical shirt and telling fans, “When I feel the first shafts of the sunlight on my fur, I’m immediately in summer mode.” 

Just a cat and his floatie ring beating the heat in the pool!

Summertime bicycle rides with the pawrents are a must!

You can find this gorgeous ginger cat in the pool when the heat cranks up because Tissy Water Kitty Loves A Refreshing Dip!

Green grass, sunshine, and flowers, Melis loves being outside in the summertime!

Another good thing about the hot weather season, according to felines? The summer heat brings out bugs for the catching! Cricket is a professional caught in action…

Sports are a fun way to keep summer fit! This tuxedo cat looks good dressed in his finest for some soccer shenanigans!

With the kittens out of school, they can be found in the arcade, beating the heat of summer days. Look at the cattitude on this little gamer floof!

To keep cool, Kuli the Surfing Cat hits the waves for some sunshine and a good time!

Camping is a purrfect summer escape for a cat looking to chill. In a hammock under the trees, how could a kitty go wrong?

Inspector Pollo is ready for “plant boy summer,” and he’s already got his gardening mitts on!

Summer means vacays with the mini-me!

Summertime blossoms captivate a kitten, who captivates us!

Smart cats remember to protect their ears from the sun’s rays when out kayaking with the family!

When thinking of summers past, we can’t help but remember Shiro, The Internet’s Favorite Zen Cat. Though gone now, Shiro used to enjoy snoozing in the warmth of a summer sun while his adoring family snapped pics.

Coco retires to his summer box to enjoy the season, because like this cutie cat says, “Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and relax.”

This boy’s figured out how to stay cool in his tuxedo!

We’re crushing on this handsome tabby and his hot weather cool!

Summer harvests make a hard-working farmer cat proud!

Mimi is ready for cute kitten summer!

Snusken Lynx Tail looks majestic basking in summer vibes!

Sun’s out, fluffs out!

A sweet floof can’t resist sunning his tummy!

Now that it’s summer, the kittens are singing, “Take Meowt to the Ball Game!”

Harvey the Housecat says, “Help you guys!! There’s a shark in the pool…. just kidding, it’s ME!!”

Living the lazy summer life and loving it…

This happy tabby loves his summer beach trips! To read more about his adorable adventure, check our Cat Digs Sandy Beach and Can’t Stop Smiling.

The cats of summer are always on the lookout for fun in the sun! Is your kitty ready for hot summer days? Check out 10 Easy Ways To Help Your Cat Stay Cool This Summer.

Feature Image: @cam_the_cat/Instagram & Water Kitty/Facebook