10 Easy Ways To Help Your Cat Stay Cool This Summer

| Published on June 22, 2016

Cats are good at regulating their body temperatures, but they can still become uncomfortable on hot summer days. Since you care about your cat and her comfort, you may find yourself looking for ways to help. Here are 10 simple things you can do to keep her cool and comfortable.

If the heat is extreme, make sure to keep a close eye on your cat. Heatstroke is very dangerous and can happen quickly. Read about the warning signs and dangers of heatstroke here.

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#1 – Hydrate
Proper hydration is a crucial part of keeping your cat’s body working properly, including the parts that regulate her body temperature. Your cat should be drinking more water in the summer than she drinks in the winter, so make sure to keep her water clean, cool, and alluring.

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#2 – Ice cubes in water
A hot cat will be drawn to things that are cold. To help cool her down (and to encourage her to drink more water), add a few ice cubes to her water bowl.

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#3 – Air conditioner, fans, open windows
Keep the air in your home circulating and cool with an air conditioner or fans. If there’s a breeze outside, it can also help to open some windows. Make sure all open windows have secured screens!

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#4 – Keep curtains closed
Inviting direct sunlight into your home can raise the temperature quite a bit. Close the curtains or blinds to create a cooler cave-like environment.

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#5 – Lights off
Overhead lights and lamps generate more heat than you might realize. Keep all non-essential lights turned off during the hottest parts of the day.

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#6 – Wipe with damp cloth
Gently wiping your cat down with a damp cloth can help. Her damp fur will help her body cool down as the air moves over it. It’s similar to how you can get a chill in the summer if the breeze blows against your sweaty skin.

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#7 – Grooming session
Your cat’s coat plays a big role in helping her regulate her body temperature, so I don’t recommend shaving except in special circumstances. However, giving your cat a good brushing can help remove loose hairs and lighten up her insulation.



#8 – Frozen water bottle
Freeze a bottle of water and place it in or near her favorite napping spot. Wrap it in a towel, pillowcase, or t-shirt first though so she’s not laying directly on the frozen bottle. Being in contact with cool surfaces can help a cat lower her body temperature.

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#9 – Make cool surfaces available
Since being in contact can help cats get and stay cool, many cats will seek out cool surfaces on hot days. That’s why you may find your cat spread out on the cool kitchen floor tiles or in the bottom of the porcelain tub. Keep these cool surfaces available and easily accessible to your cat on hot days.

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#10 – Put a hold on playtime
Most cats will boycott playtime when they’re hot because they know that staying still will help them conserve energy and stay cooler. When it’s hot, it’s best to not even tempt her with playtime. Put the toys away and take a cue from her to take a nap instead.

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