This Cat Gets Visited By His Deer Best Friend Every Morning!


When a cat lives or grows up with another animal in the house, they usually end up becoming the best of friends. Living together makes them bond and share memories that makes their friendship grow even stronger.

However, unlikely friendships can also form even if the two animals don’t live together. And it’s pretty amazing how a friendship like that thrives even with their differences and despite the fact that they don’t get to be together all the time. Take for example, this cat and his deer best friend.

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In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this deer visits her cat friend and they hang out for a little while.

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And as you can see in the photos, they are both happy to see each other!

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This kitty also gets to groom his buddy and he spends time to play with her a little!

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And before they part, they also get to snuggle and share kisses.

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Aren’t they the sweetest besties?

It’s wonderful how these two remain friends. Well after all, as Helen Keller’s quote goes, “True friends never part, maybe in distance, but never in heart.

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