Someone Tried To Hack Into His Computer And THIS Was The Culprit!


When someone typed an incorrect password into Imgur user pigeonkitty‘s computer THREE times, a security feature snapped a photo of the perpetrator.


“My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts,” pigeonkitty posted. “I just got a text alert on my phone with this image attached.”


(Note: not actual picture from crime scene.)

The computer owner received THIS as evidence:

My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts

Look at those wide, green eyes…BUSTED!! What do you think he was trying to do? Buy catnip toys on Amazon? Look at funny meow memes? Watch viral videos starring cats?

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.49.58 PM (1)
Image Source: pigeonkitty via Imgur


We know cats love lounging on keyboards, but does your kitty have any weird hacker habits?

Written by Karen Harris

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