Meet The Awesome Couple Who Adopts And Fosters Blind Cats


Adopting a kitten or cat is a big responsibility, so it’s important that you are able to provide them with the love and needs that they have been yearning for. In the beginning it’s usually a challenge to get them warmed up to their new home, as well as new family members. It can be stressful for any cat and patience is key if your new friend is frightened by it’s new surroundings, but in the end it all pays off because any cat would love to have a warm home instead being stuck in a shelter. So long as you show them that they can trust you 100%, they will be happy to be a new addition to your home.

Cats with disabilities can require twice the patience but can adapt incredibly quickly since their handicap usually enhances all of their other senses. You would be amazed at how “normal” a blind cat behaves, and this amazing couple who has dedicated their lives to adopting and fostering cats who can no longer see show us just how wonderful cats with disabilities can be to have around.

Meet Mark & Grace, the inspiration in opening their doors to visually impaired kitties came from Grace reading a moving and heartwarming book titled Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. The story tells a tale about a blind kitten that everyone refused to love, and that hit home with the couple. Since reading that touching book, they have fostered over 25 cats- not including their 5 blind family members and a few other pet dogs! It sure is a full house over there, full of love and happy animals!

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