Orphaned Baby Squirrels Find Love With Mama Cat And Kitten Siblings

A mother’s love knows no bounds when it comes to caring for babies in need. And animal moms don’t discern when raising young, taking in babies who need help, no matter what species they might be. Instinct tells them the young need nurturing, even if the mom and baby are of a totally different make.

Because every tale told of a mother’s love warms the heart, here’s another to fill your day with joy.



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Pusha is a beautiful gray cat with fern green eyes who calls the Bakhchisaray Miniature Park in Crimea home.  She’s used to wildlife as the architectural miniatures park also houses a zoo. It’s a pretty cool place for a cat to reside. There, Pusha not only sees other animals, but she also greets park visitors and gets to play giant among the miniatures!

Imagine the lucky visitors who catch Pusha padding across the Swallow’s Nest. She’d be a veritable feline Godzilla walking through the mini model of the castle known as “the symbol of Crimea.” Only, Pusha would be much cuter and fluffier towering over the little scene.

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A good cat, she’s also a great mom with a big heart for babies in need.

A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

Not so long ago, Pusha became the mother of four adorable kittens. And she took such beautiful care of them, always doting and making sure they got enough to eat. Before long, though, this family of five would become a family of nine!

As park employee Olga Fateeva explained, “On one beautiful day, visitors brought us these wonderful squirrels in a box.”

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The squirrels were quite young and still required mother’s milk. Realizing their need, park staff had an idea. As Pusha had just given birth to her kittens, “we decided to introduce them to her, and she accepted them.”

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At first, the squirrels weren’t so sure about joining the cat and her kittens. Their instincts recognized Pusha as a predator, but once they understood their new foster mom meant no harm and only love, the squirrel babies settled in with their feline family just fine. Together, the kittens and squirrels have formed an adorable litter, and Pusha is so proud of her darling children. And like siblings, the babies do everything as a unit.

“They sleep together, follow each other, climb, and fight over milk,” Olga shared.

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Because Pusha has so many mouths to feed, staff supplements the squirrel babies with goat milk to be sure they’re getting all the food they need. Between Pusha and the caring animal lovers of the park, these squirrels are headed for a good life.

Inside Edition/YouTube

Maybe it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that a cat would adopt squirrels. After all, baby squirrels are known as kittens or kits!

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Feature Image: Inside Edition/YouTube

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