Mama Cat & Kittens Given Hope For A Good Life Thanks To Rescue Experts

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on April 21, 2022

Hope for Paws is always there for the animals of Los Angeles. Whether their rescue teams are descending into storm sewers to catch kittens or rummaging through backyards, these dedicated animal lovers will do whatever it takes to help cats in need. And new mama cat Tasha is so thankful for all their hard work because, without them, she and her newborn kittens wouldn’t be living the good life in foster care.

Their tale of rescue began when a homeowner’s dog sniffed out Tasha and the tiny kittens in their side storage yard. The homeowner called Hope for Paws, and JoAnn Wiltz arrived quickly on the scene to rescue the new feline family.

The Rescue

JoAnn slipped into the side yard and found the little family right away. Because mama cats and their kittens need to be together when possible, JoAnn’s first order of business was finding out if the mama cat was friendly so she could be easily coaxed into a cage. Armed with a can of tuna in water, she quickly learned Tasha was willing to be buddies. Amazing what a stinky treat can do!

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With mama in a cage, now it was time to pluck the little ones from the ground and warm them with lots of snuggly blankets. While four of the kittens were kicking and squirming, baby Darko wasn’t doing well, and JoAnn feared for him. But after the rescue, JoAnn, Tasha, and the kittens headed straight to the veterinarian’s office for a checkup and some cleanup.

As Paws for Hope shared in the video, “The doctors estimated the kittens were two or three days old.”

With the kittens being so young and needing time with their mom, the little family required some foster care love so Tasha could raise Danny, Darko, Dasha, Daria, and Donatella. And JoAnn was ready to help, so away they went to be safe and cozy at their new foster mom’s home.

Sadly, little Darko passed away, but his sweet siblings were healthy babies that would thrive in mama Tasha and JoAnn’s care.

Three Weeks Later

And thrive the family did! Less than a month later, Tasha is happy inside with plenty to eat, which means her little ones get all the milk they need! Thanks to rescue magic, these adorable kittens get to be pampered babies who focus on playing rather than learning to survive the harsh world outside.

Because they’re so happy for the chance at forever, Tasha, Danny, Dasha, Daria, and Donatella have a message for JoAnne, Hope for Paws, and everyone who watched their story…

And Hope for Paws offers this reminder for all the cat lovers…

“It’s kitten season so rescues everywhere need volunteers to help with fostering.”

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If you’re interested in getting involved in the rescue world, reach out to local rescues ask how you can help the cats in your area.

Feature Image: Hope for Paws/YouTube