Happy Tuesday From The Magnificent 7 Cats


Britain’s most famous internet cats, The Magnificent 7 Cats, are Rocky, Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman. They live with their people in London, England.

We’ve been away from iheartcats for a few weeks – life with 7 cats can be busy! But we’re back again with some of our favorite pictures and comments from the last couple of weeks on our page. Hope you enjoy them. We’ll be back soon with news of our new name!

Prince: Grabbing his chance on the 3 Fat Cats chaise longue!

iheart cats 16 Feb Prince on chaise

Our favorite comment: ‘Don’t blame you handsome Prince, I could use a chaise longue about now too.’ (from Louise Boynton, Montreal, Canada).



Norman: In the garden to brighten up this dark and cold Monday.

Norman flowers iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘I never noticed the heart on his side. Cute baby!!’ (Valerie Hanley, Manchester, NH, USA).


Baby Pixie! Miss those days.

Pixie kitten iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘I would miss those days also, little baby Pixie, but she’s still a pretty baby.’ (from Kelly Severini Moore, Yuma, AZ, USA).


Junior: We can’t wait to tell you our exciting news! Our announcement will be coming soon!

Junior intense iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘Hi my biggest love, you’re soooo handsome!! Can’t wait for your news.’ (from Sabrina Ferraro, Cagliari, Italy).



Pixie: We love her winter fur. So soft and luxurious.

Pixie puffball iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘Wow! Stunning beyond usual sweet Pixie! Royal robes for sure Princess Persephone.’ (from Louise Boynton, Montreal, Canada).


Junior and Tom: Something interesting going on!

Junior and Tom iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘I love it when they stare so intently at something that’s not there just to get you to look , I know what they’re thinking , humans will fall for it every time’. (from Janet Elaine White, Nova Scotia, Canada).


Pixie: Good morning. Pixie getting that body moving. Oh how I wish I was able to do that! Have a great day everyone. Love to each and every one of you!

Pixie legup iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘Good morning beautiful Pixie! Have a fun kitty day today – I already know you will because you (and the others) are so spoiled! Yes…I’m talking to you! lol All of you are worth a lot of spoiling though, it shows in every single picture how much you’re loved and adored!’ (from Wendy Arden, Langley, British Columbia).


Some time out for Prince.

Prince iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘Prince, your fluffiness is awe inspiring…’ (from Sylvester the Tuxedo Cat, Raleigh, NC, USA).


Rocky: Spot the angel!

rocky iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘(My cat’s called) ‘Angel’ –  he’s 7 years old. When he was born, in a litter of 6 he had a limp. But still played and ran about with the others, dragging his little leg behind him. He was so cute. Mum got poorly two weeks in so we had to bottle feed them all till time to leave. But we kept our little Angel and 2 sisters, Snippy and George.’ (from Mark Ox Oxley, Sheffield, UK).


Tom: This little bear has happy feet!

Tom heavy vignette iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘With humans they say, “Busy hands, happy heart”… if your paws are happy that means you are a busy boy…’ (from Sylvester the Tuxedo Cat, Raleigh, NC, USA).


Ugs: Exclusive! How to do sexy!

Ugs fluffy iheartcats 8 Feb 16

Our favorite comment: ‘Oh hi Ugs u r such an innocent beauty!’ (from Tahreem Rathore, Karachi, Pakistan).




Come and meet all seven cats on  The Magnificent 7 Cats Facebook page or see the best of our pictures on Instagram.

We post great new photos every day and we’d love to hear from you – and your kitties. Maybe we can share your comments here!

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Written by Sasha Jordan

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